See here: November 14, 2007 – Damned Friggin Right, Says the Thin One

Matthew Parris, in The Times:

Weigh to go

Much fun (as a thinnie) going into battle on BBC Radio Wales on Thursday in defence of Ryanair’s proposed “fat tax” on larger passengers. My interviewer wailed that it would be humiliating at the check-in for a big woman to have to stand on airline scales in front of everyone. Fair point. So here’s the solution. Don’t call it a fat tax; call it a skinnies’ discount. Offer passengers who volunteer to be weighed with all their clothes and luggage a rebate in Ryanair vouchers of (say) £2 for every kilogram below about 75kg. Further discounts can be offered for occupying more cramped airline seats.

Why not? If you post a package to Barcelona, the cost depends on the weight and (sometimes) size. If you post yourself to Barcelona, why should it be different?

Hear, hear!

Plus, gentlemen, this could finally keep your wives from packing 7 pair of shoes! (Like taking shoes off at the doctor’s office, she’d want people to see her as light as possible at the weigh-in.)