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Nuthin Wrong With a Winning Formula

Anyway, I’d rather Maid Marian in 1973 dance like Snow White in 1937 and Belle dance in 1991 like Sleeping Beauty in 1959 than any character from any post-1995 Disney movie dance like Miley Cyrus. In other news: Aspirational bourgeois Chinese parents can be a little strange.

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The Return of the Orphanage

Well, well: The Times – Children in Need<br/> Britain can learn from European residential care, but at a price A group of MPs travelled recently to Denmark to visit children’s homes in Copenhagen. It was a case of taxpayers’ money well spent. The House of Commons’ Children, Schools and Families Committee found large, cheerful institutions […]

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Vive Lemieux

I have no energy for politics right now, but this story of a French Canadian with a familiar name and plucky spirit seemed appropriate for my mood: Corner – Mark Steyn: Regulatory Despotism Pierre Lemieux is a libertarian Quebecer, which makes him a member of what may be North America’s least electorally significant minority. He’s […]

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Solution: Sterilize All British Girls Until They're 18

The Sunday Times – Happy 16th, girls – here’s your state gift to avoid pregnancy, by Daisy Goodwin [T]eenage births, which are classified as high risk by most hospitals, are costing the taxpayer £10,000 a pop (more than a stay at the Portland private hospital in central London) and another £55,000 in care until the […]

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All Aboard the Edwardian Gravy Train

This is the most horrible thing you will ever read, so beware: The deodorant Lynx, for example, is marketed to young men on the proposition that it makes them sexy; but the advertisers have discovered that it is actually bought by mothers for their twentysomething sons who are still at home. Anyway… The Times – […]

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You See the Importance of Religion?

The Times – Save the whale shark. And say a prayer<br/> Wild Notebook: the ingenious methods of the Wildlife Trust for India, by Simon Barnes Take the whale shark campaign. Fishermen were catching these, the biggest fish on the planet, simply for their livers, which were used for waterproofing boats. And while there was a […]

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Trains! XVIII

Praise the lord and pass me my credit cards: Telegraph Picture Galleries – Ten spectacular train journeys

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCX

Starship Titanic | The Novel If you’ve read the book, this will be very funny. If you haven’t read the book, I’ll tell you it was written Terry Jones based on a computer game written by Douglas Adams, and then you’ll see that it’s very funny.

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Rickshaw Mama

I’ve long wanted a Vespa. But I’m too short (my legs literally wouldn’t touch the ground unless the bike was so far off its center of gravity that I’d be wiping out anyway) and there are hills in Seattle. And I’ve got a hereditary loathing of motorcycles I can’t shake. And anyway, now is not […]

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A Brief History of Shiftinnet

Thought this was interesting: The Times – The battle against piracy begins in Mogadishu The Somali marauders who are terrorising shipping have deep roots in the local ‘shifta’ tradition of outlaw robber gangs And check this out: Yet it is a mark of how far Somali society has been degraded by years of conflict and […]

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Disney's Team of Anthropologists and 12-Year-Old Boys

O. M. G: NYT (yeah yeah) – Disney Expert Uses Science to Draw Boy Viewers Ms. Peña and her team of anthropologists have spent 18 months peering inside the heads of incommunicative boys in search of just that kind of psychological nugget. Disney is relying on her insights to create new entertainment for boys 6 […]

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Voluntary Coast Guard

Rush has been calling the Somali pirates something along the lines of “seafaring community organizers” because he’s making fun of liberals. This is Al Sharpton, and he would appear to be serious: I would start repeatedly thwacking my head against the wall, but instead I’ll just quote this old thing: The Times (Nov. 19th) – […]

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Happy Longest-Serving-Consort Day!

The Times – Behind every great woman, a prince of a man<br/> The Duke of Edinburgh, who becomes our longest-serving consort this week, is one of the great male ‘professional wives’, by Alice Thomson I have only once been saved by a Prince and that was when I was nine months pregnant. The Queen had […]

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Brush Off Your Liz Taylor Publicity Stills, Folks

The Times – Egyptians hope to find Cleopatra’s tomb Egyptian archaeologists hope to find the the tombs of Cleopatra and her lover Mark Anthony in excavations due to start next week. The couple are thought to have committed suicide in 30 BC after military defeat at the hands of Emperor Octavian of Rome, but their […]

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The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills

I found this last week, that 42,000 Pakistani students have come into Britain in the past 4 years. That’s a lot of educational enthusiasts. The Times – Visas for terrorists<br/> Britain’s consulates are overwhelmed with applicants trying to cheat their way into Britain. The real scandal is the bogus colleges that enable them to do […]

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