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Up: My Review

Never, in the history of filmmaking, has there ever been a movie designed to push every one of my buttons. And I went in with only three Kleenex.

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Find Your Zip Code!

This is really old, from last October, but I’m just finding it now (I love these lists): Forbes – America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes What I think they should do some time is do it by price per square foot. It always annoys me when you’re clicking through places that people actually live in and […]

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Proving There's Still Actual Smart People in California

SF Gate – Fusion tests set at new Livermore facility} Outside a concrete slab of a building 10 stories high that holds the most powerful array of lasers and high-precision optics ever assembled, the scientists, engineers and workers who created the massive structure at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory celebrated its dedication Friday. The celebration in […]

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Still Tracking That Top Hat Revival

So, as was reported here late last year, the Scottish are reintroducing the beaver to Scotland, even though they’ve been gone not for 50 years but for 400, and they might return to find that the neighborhood has changed somewhat in their absence. Anyway, Clarkson takes this, goes to Yellowstone, and runs with it: The […]

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Other's Asking What's With Ireland

Telegraph Blogs – Holy Smoke: The latest child abuse scandal is as Irish as it is Catholic, by Damian Thompson One of the most delicate questions surrounding the wicked child abuse by Irish Catholic clergy, brothers and nuns is this: how much of the abuse was Irish and how much of it was Catholic? The […]

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The Red Heids Are Taking Over Time and Space

That is Karen Gillian. She’s the new Doctor Who companion. She’s got red hair. She’s from Inverness. This makes me happy.

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Mass Graves in the Sand

The video in this is incredible. Watch it. The Times – Slaughter in Sri Lanka<br/> Evidence gathered by The Times has revealed that at least 20,000 Tamils were killed on the beach by shelling as the army closed in on the Tigers “Deeply disappointing” was how a human rights group yesterday described the vote in […]

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Spelling Idol (Tell ABC That's Mine and I'll Want Compensation For It)

Those of you following my carping on Twitter last night will have noted how offended I am by ABC’s efforts not only to turn the National Spelling Bee into an American-Idol-style “reality” competition (pop music bumpers! glossy expensively-produced mini profiles on the contestants!) but also to make the kids seem “normal”. As I ranted: They’re […]

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Narcissistic Politicians Remember Veterans by Leaving Out the Granny from the Seniors' Center Photo-Op (Who's an Actual Veteran)

NYT – Left Out of D-Day Events, Queen Elizabeth Is Fuming The queen, who is 83, is the only living head of state who served in uniform during World War II. As Elizabeth Windsor, service number 230873, she volunteered as a subaltern in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service, training as a driver and a mechanic. […]

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Vendors and Clients

The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations I have a feeling this might be applicable to other areas as well.

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Or Maybe Kids Just Like Drugs

The Times – Shot where I did my laundry Drug problems at a university? Who’d have thought it, by Alice Fishburn We must realise that breeding grounds for brains are also Petri dishes for addictive personalities. You put neurotic individuals in a high-pressure environment. Then you add in the expectations of professors, families, their own […]

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Escalation in Twittertime

So we watch our silly movie and eat dinner and then turn the iPhones back on and see the following progression, all within the past hour, from Breaking News: BULLETIN — NORTH KOREA CALLS SOUTH KOREAN DECISION TO JOIN ANTI-PROLIFERATION PROGRAM A DECLARATION OF WAR. BULLETIN — NORTH KOREA SAYS IT WILL “USE ITS MILITARY” […]

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I Thought We Weren't Allowed to Depict People (Or Monkeys) as Monkeys in Comics

Tim Blair – MONKEYS FUNDED Don’t make me upload the comic. It’s so lame.

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Dialing Down the Obnoxiousness (Ida Thought There'd Be More Puns By Now)

Thank you, Mr Switek, for expressing what I could not in 140 characters: The Times – The dangerous link between science and hype<br/> The fossil known as Ida is being presented as the holy grail of evolution. Such overstatement does serious research no favours, by Brian Switek (a science writer who blogs for ScienceBlogs.com and […]

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Walk Weakly and Carry a Big Stick?

The Times – North Korea’s nuclear message to Kim Jong Il’s own hardliners<br/> This was a show of weakness, not of strength, by Richard Lloyd Parry (Asia Editor) The popular view of Mr Kim, as a megalomaniac poised to rain fiery death on all who displease him, is worse than a misunderstanding – it plays […]

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