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If This Is the Knock, What Must the Introductions Be Like

The Times – Could that loud bang be North Korea saying ‘nice to meet you, President Obama’? By Aidan Foster-Carter (Honorary Senior Research Fellow in sociology and modern Korea, University of Leeds) Nominally the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is ruled by the Workers’ Party of Korea. Yet the party’s Central Committee seems not to […]

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Peter Recommends CXI

He’s playing this game called Plants vs. Zombies. And at the end, you get this song (spoiler, but I don’t suppose many of you need to worry about that): (The game’s in English, but there’s a Japanese version of the song which I think everyone agrees just makes it even better.) (You can make a […]

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Look Who’s Improving Our Standing in the World and Relationship With Allies Again, Again!

Okay so Japan‘s the world’s second largest economy, a key ally in a tricky area of the world, big on honour and not being publicly insulted, but the Ambassadorship to London is still a bigger deal just because of historical stuff, yeah? Telegraph Blogs – Con Coughlin: From Chicago to London: even the new American […]

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And You'll Never Eat Fish Again

Well, this is cheerful: The Times – The Living Seas<br/> The oceans were once teeming with life before overfishing depleted their riches. Governments and scientists must protect them from overexploitation [O]cean scientists have found the same dreadful story almost everywhere: man’s uncontrolled exploitation of the seas has gone on for 1,000 years, but now threatens […]

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What's With Ireland

I don’t really want to get into this (oh Google, what will you do to me?), but my mind’s been working about something. The Times – Catholic Church is living with one foot in Hell<br/> Don’t look away: it’s unbelievable that we still haven’t learnt the lessons from systematic child abuse in Ireland, by Libby […]

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And North Korea Has a Nuclear Weapon

Times Online – North Korea carries out nuclear test As Breaking News Online’s been Twittering all evening: A very unusual earthquake with a 4.7 magnitude has struck near Kimchaek in North Korea, the USGS reports. South Korea says it has detected an “artificial earthquake” caused by a nuclear test, the Yonhap news wire reports. South […]

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Reviews of Movies I Haven't Seen

I haven’t read the book (though I was all excited to after reading The Da Vinci Code until the ridiculousness started and I hit the B.S. Wall on the whole thing) nor am I likely to read it or see the movie, but I know enough about it that this made me laugh and laugh […]

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Look Who's Improving Our Standing in the World and Relationship With Allies Again

Somebody emails Jonathan Adler at The Corner some interesting news: Originally, Obama was supposed to appoint Joseph Nye, a political scientist from Harvard, as ambassador to Japan. This rumor, which clearly came from the Obama administration, was widely publicized in the Japanese media. The Japanese were very pleased, and liked the fact that Nye was […]

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Chk-Chk Boom Girl is Excellent

I love it. “And the fatter wog said to the skinnier wog, ‘Oi!’… And that’s all I wanted to say.” “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” /sweet, innocent, wide-eyed, polite little smile I also love that she does the accents. Love it! Curtsy: Tim Blair

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Countdown to June 4: Tiananmen Square!

It’s like the Olympics all over again! A series of parties and exhibitions leading up to the main event! The Times – Mao portrait saboteurs Yu Dongyue and Yu Zhijian granted asylum in America Two men who spent years in jail for daring to throw paint at a portrait of Chairman Mao have been granted […]

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Gurkhas Won!

The (final?) update: The Telegraph – Well done the Gurkhas – and Joanna Lumley The Government’s decision to allow all of those who have fought for this country for at least four years to settle here should they choose to is welcome and clearly fulfils the wishes of the majority of the country. This has […]

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On One's Capacity As a Rabbit

The Joy of Curmudgeonry – A Fine Little Fellow

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The Trial of M&S's Teacakes

Telegraph – Let them eat crisps<br/> Telegraph View: The half-baked truth about Pringles. Pringles, the law has declared, are no longer cakes, but crisps. This has cost their makers £100 million in VAT. Last year, the law declared that Pringles were not crisps, but a cakey kind of thing. It is not so much that […]

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The Trial of Talat Moustafa

Times Online – Egyptian politician Hisham Moustafa guilty of murdering pop diva Suzanne Tamim [T]oday Egypt was reeling with an ending far stranger than fiction when Hisham Talat Moustafa, the property tycoon, high level political insider and personal friend of the President himself, was sentenced to hang for the killing of his former pop star […]

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I Need £1,000 and a Rolodex

The Times – Dial M for Marple<br/> Kate Mosse on a literary passion celebrated this week with publication of the complete Miss Marple stories At the end: The above article is the foreword to a new collection entitled The Complete Miss Marple, containing all 12 Miss Marple novels and 20 short stories by Agatha Christie, […]

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