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The Truth About Pedestrians

When I was in London on honeymoon last August, I proudly walked Peter up Charing Cross Road to turn the corner into Trafalgar Square (one of my favourite things to do), right on time for the flyover for the 2012 Olympics handoff and to face a huuuuuge crowd of people. I think I noticed something […]

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British Conservatives and Canadian Liberals

The Times – Nasty cuts or nice cuts, there will be blood<br/> The Conservatives are obsessed with learning how the Canadians successfully slashed their spending in the 1990s, by Rachel Sylvester In 1994 Canada was running a deficit of 9.2 per cent of GDP, about the same as Britain’s today. It had tried “efficiency savings”, […]

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How a Physicist Kills a Cat

So far I’ve watched c and Shrödinger’s Cat. I don’t get that damned cat. I mean, I guess I get it now, but I think I never really got the complexity of it. Probably missing the quantum part and only seeing the hypothetical bits, so always wondered, “Why can’t they just set a little timer […]

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Local Pillar Profiled in Boise Weekly

Bubblehead announced last week he’d been interviewed for a local paper. “Yer a pillar of the community,” I said. But he didn’t mention that they did an ink drawing of him! Luck-eeeeeeeey… Boise Weekly – Joel Kennedy /ninmates erupt in applause

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXI

Golly I haven’t done one of these since April. Apparently it’s been a sucky couple of months, humour-wise. The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon – Thurs 11p / 10c

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Journalists, Democrats, and the Chicago Way

I loved this: Politico – The sins of Sarah Palin, by Roger Simon When you do what the media have predicted, you are “savvy.” You are a “skilled” and “adept” politician. If you surprise the media, however, you are “out of control” and “bizarre” and even “egotistical.” (Though I have always believed that accusing politicians […]

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If It's Palate Cleanser You're Wanting

Hey so, watch the news today? I didn’t! (This whole Michael Jackson thing… I saw some of the “assets” for the funeral: pamphlets, posters, etc. It reminds me of the old Elvis debate. Fat Elvis or skinny Elvis? So now the question will always be: What colour Michael Jackson do we use?) But if you […]

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It's a California-Fiscal-Death-Watch-a-Palooza!

WaPo (via the AZ Republic) – George Will: Bright figure emerges in California politics California’s cascading crises prefigure America’s future unless Washington reverses the growth of government subservient to organized labor. The state cannot pay its bills, poorly educates its young, and its taxation punishes whatever success that its suffocating regulatory regime does not prevent. […]

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Somewhere Out There, Oxford Academics Are Spending 50 Years and a Million Hours to Make Me Very Happy

I want this book (modern refrigeration never did nothing for nobody; I could totally use the fridge’s space to put it!): The Times – Treasury of words<br/> From Beowulf to Samuel Beckett, the first chronological history of English This week the shimmering shoals of the English language will be netted for the first time. Oxford […]

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Trains! And Blatant Gender Defamation

The Times – Here’s where all the women get off<br/> Only men really understand railways, by Michael Gove The most fundamental divide between men and women doesn’t lie in their attitude to Carla Bruni, rugby league, slim panatellas, tinted moisturiser, fabric swatches, Bacardi Breezers or even scented candles. There are women I know who enjoy […]

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More on Those Dissenting Clerics

Slate – Did the Toppling of Saddam Hussein Lead to Recent Events in Iran?<br/> Given the connections between Iraq and Iran, it’s not as unlikely as it sounds. By Christopher Hitchens [C]onsider this: Many Iranians go as religious pilgrims to the holy sites of Najaf and Kerbala in southern Iraq. They have seen the way […]

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Developments in Iran: Confessions and Clerics

I find a couple things interesting about the Iranian situation. One of them is that the Bush administration, having had their character and intentions to completely besmirched over Iraq, couldn’t possibly save a woman from drowning (like, btw, this guy) without Code Pink setting up a protest line, Cindy Sheehan attracting 300 journalists, and random […]

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My Firstborn Shall Be Called… Giles

I, too, was super-annoyed by Ricky Gervais coming out with Pam Anderson, of all people, against bullfighting last week, but of course I couldn’t articulate why beyond a few irritable sputters, so, thank you Mr Coren, restaurant critic of The Times! The Times – Enough sentimental bull about bullfighting Does Ricky Gervais not realise that […]

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If a Tree Falls in Alaska

I confess to have been a little bemused by yesterday’s Palin Quitteroonie. I think because everyone seemed to be assuming that she was doing it to concentrate on her next presidential run. Even if it’s 2016 instead of 2012, who on earth would think it’s a good idea to establish your executive credentials by quitting […]

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When TV Stations Have Fires

Local station KOMO had a fire this morning. We drove past the truck trailer generator today. The building also housed a data center and about half Seattle’s startups went offline. Heh.

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