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And While I'm On the Topic

…Of paranoia about molesters’ impact on society: The Times – Girls should not have to fear the world outside The cases of Jaycee Lee Dugard and Laura Dekker will only reinforce the view that we should lock up our daughters, by Melanie Reid But a far greater tragedy is the impact her story will have […]

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Boys Being Boys (And No, This Post Has Nothing to do With Ted Kennedy)

Nothing to say about this, but the quoted bit is something I’ve been hearing about a lot lately from unpopular sources (successful teachers at conservative private schools or successful but unpopular teachers at public ones): The Times – Neeeoww! Let’s stick up for boisterous boys<br/> Dreary coursework and earnest women teachers have let pupils down. […]

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The Marquis de Montcalm on Healthcare

This: The Sunday Times – What’s the Canadian word for ‘lousy care’? Is even funnier if you remember this: The Sunday Times – Dodge Grand Caravan<br/> Paradise needs help … a giant engine, please, by Jeremy Clarkson From the second: When I’m faced with intransigence at a car-rental desk, what I like to do is […]

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It Fills My Heart With Gladness to Subsidize Antonio Banderas' Holiday Travel

Curtsy: Instapundit, whose reader emails: Who’s paying for upgrades to Aspen’s Pitkin County airport, where private jet usage dwarfs commercial jet operations? The taxpayer, of course. The private jet tails made a nice backdrop for the shiny new “your tax dollars at work” sign at the airport this morning. A partial list of other celebrities […]

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The NICU Summary Came!!!

Right so for 7 days, 6 blood labs daily, 48 hours IV antibiotic, 48 hours EEG, and assorted other miscellania, before Regence adjustments, the grand total for one cute lil 5lb baby is… Who wants to hazard a guess??

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Peter Recommends CXIV

io9 – Loch Ness Monster Spotted On Google Maps As if we needed any proof.

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If DC is Rome…

…Does that make Obama Julius, Augustus, or Nero? New Geography – ROME VS. GOTHAM Urban politicians have widely embraced the current concentration of power in Washington, but they may soon regret the trend they now so actively champion. The great protean tradition of American urbanism – with scores of competing economic centers – is giving […]

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Speak of the Devil and He'll Ruck Up in a New Jersey Backyard

Times Online – Don’t pitch your tent here, terror victims’ town tells Colonel Gaddafi A New Jersey town with a bitter experience of terrorism is in uproar at the prospect of Muammar Gaddafi pitching his air-conditioned tent there during his first visit to the United States. The Libyan leader is considering making his Bedouin camp […]

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In Which Urgently Needed Healthcare Reform is Accomplished in a Single Stroke

Wheat & Weeds – Running Short On General Practitioners By 2020, just when demand will spike, we’ll be short 40,000 primary care physicians, if current trends continue. I’ve got an idea! Let’s demonize them as greedy blood-suckers, prevent them from making living wages, dictate how they can treat their patients, violate their consciences, but still […]

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Killing Crakkas and Renewing American Democracy

Wheat & Weeds – Every Vote Counts! Heh.

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Defining Compassion

From American Digest’s The Shame of Scotland, the Shame of the United Kingdom, the Shame of the Civilized World, Geoffrey Robertson QC, member of the United Nations Justice Council, and first president of the UN war crimes court, writing in The Guardian: It seems to me an utter perversion of the meaning of compassion, both […]

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The Toast of Tripoli

Discussing the release of the Lockerbie bomber, devolution came up and Peter said he didn’t really get it. So I explained the general points to him and his response was, “What the hell, how does that work?” Exactly. Telegraph – Lockerbie bomber: The SNP cosying up to Libya has shamed my nation<br/> Few Scots wanted […]

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Waving Flags, Are They

LGF – Video: Lockerbie Bomber Gets Hero’s Welcome in Libya They’re waving the Saltire. That is, the Scottish flag. So, Prince Andrew may not agree, but Scotland seems to have made friends in an interesting part of the world. I don’t think that’s necessarily what the Scottish executive meant by his act of mercy… Meanwhile, […]

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Intrigue on the High Seas: Now We're Talking!

NYT – Hijackers Threatened to Blow Up Mystery Ship: Reports The Malta Maritime Authority said on Tuesday, without elaborating, that the Arctic Sea had “never really disappeared,” a comment which increased speculation that security services might have been involved in the affair. … “The Arctic Sea was carrying something, not timber and not from Finland, […]

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It Was a Very Good Year

Today’s Peter’s and my first wedding anniversary. I don’t have the top of my cake with me (my mother was going to bring it up but thought it might not survive the trip), nor my dress (not that I’d fit it anyway, yet), but I do have a final bottle of the champagne from the […]

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