Today’s Peter’s and my first wedding anniversary. I don’t have the top of my cake with me (my mother was going to bring it up but thought it might not survive the trip), nor my dress (not that I’d fit it anyway, yet), but I do have a final bottle of the champagne from the reception and I do plan on drinking that tonight (it’s been in my fridge nearly all year. Waiting.). One year ago we got hitched, and it’s been such an incredible year, I thought I’d review it. But first I need to cheat and back up 8 months, since the year really starts at Christmas, 2007.

Christmas, 2007 Peter went back east to visit his parents to my parents and sisters swung through Seattle to pick me up and we drove up to Canada for the usual family bash. And what a bash it was. Even the Trivial Pursuit was out.

January, 2008, my cousin suddenly dies from a freak undiscovered heart defect. This time I fly up to Calgary for the funeral. A crazy week. Because this is the third funeral in the family, several of my cousins beseech me, “When’re you gonna get married, nin?” Turns out they’ve only ever been to funerals, never a wedding.

March, 2008, I go to Maui for a month (a month!) to do a remodel of my grandparents’ old place for renting out. A whole month in Maui. With my own car. (And tons of freaking work to do.)

March 29, I get engaged!

June 21, 2008, my cousin, having come home from India, is pregnant and getting married and moving to Austria. As one does. So I fly to Edmonton for the wedding. Ahh, a beautiful wedding.

Summer, 2008, I plan an entire wedding by myself for people from two coasts, three countries, and a cut-price Vera Wang dress, in just under six months (needed special permission for that), including all the little hoops you have to go through for a Catholic wedding.

August 20, I get married!

August 21, I get on a plane!

August 22, I’m in London!

August 26, I’m on a *train!* And in Edinburgh! And staying at the city’s best hotel! And we meet Rueful Red who meets us at the station and takes us for a pint!

August 27, Red takes us on a tour!

August 31, we fly back to Seattle without our luggage because BMI sucks but BA is glorious!

November, our first black president is elected! No wait that’s not it. November, 2008, I get pregnant!

November, 2008, I fly home for Thanksgiving.

December, 2008, Seattle has the snowpocalypse and my mother gets snowed in with us for three days.

April, 2009, I fly back to Calgary for a surprise birthday party for my aunt’s 50th, and to see my grandmother before she has an operation.

April, 2009, I fly back to Edmonton for my grandmother’s funeral.

June (and thereafter), we finally remodel the bathroom (which looks great, but isn’t done because the new door doesn’t totally line up with the original jamb and Peter can’t find his dremel).

July, I have a baby.

Who then has seizures and spends a week in the NICU.

But who then improves and is sent home.

August, 2009, I turn a certain age, meaning I’ve had my firstborn by the time my grandmother had hers.

And here we are, one year later.

So, to sum, that’s a party, two weddings and two funerals; 6 international trips, 10 international flights, but 14 flights overall; a whole bunch o’ people; a whole lot o’ money; and tons of photographs. I think it should all tide me over till baby’s 18 or so and we can travel again.