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Defining Compassion

From American Digest’s The Shame of Scotland, the Shame of the United Kingdom, the Shame of the Civilized World, Geoffrey Robertson QC, member of the United Nations Justice Council, and first president of the UN war crimes court, writing in The Guardian: It seems to me an utter perversion of the meaning of compassion, both […]

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He Thinks He's God and He Wants to Kill Me!

…or else he really wants me to think so. Andrew Klavan at PJM: Referring to the belief that God decides during the Jewish New Year “who shall live and who shall die,” Obama told the rebs, “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.” In response to this statement I would like to […]

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The Toast of Tripoli

Discussing the release of the Lockerbie bomber, devolution came up and Peter said he didn’t really get it. So I explained the general points to him and his response was, “What the hell, how does that work?” Exactly. Telegraph – Lockerbie bomber: The SNP cosying up to Libya has shamed my nation<br/> Few Scots wanted […]

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Waving Flags, Are They

LGF – Video: Lockerbie Bomber Gets Hero’s Welcome in Libya They’re waving the Saltire. That is, the Scottish flag. So, Prince Andrew may not agree, but Scotland seems to have made friends in an interesting part of the world. I don’t think that’s necessarily what the Scottish executive meant by his act of mercy… Meanwhile, […]

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Intrigue on the High Seas: Now We're Talking!

NYT – Hijackers Threatened to Blow Up Mystery Ship: Reports The Malta Maritime Authority said on Tuesday, without elaborating, that the Arctic Sea had “never really disappeared,” a comment which increased speculation that security services might have been involved in the affair. … “The Arctic Sea was carrying something, not timber and not from Finland, […]

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It Was a Very Good Year

Today’s Peter’s and my first wedding anniversary. I don’t have the top of my cake with me (my mother was going to bring it up but thought it might not survive the trip), nor my dress (not that I’d fit it anyway, yet), but I do have a final bottle of the champagne from the […]

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Always Read the Footnotes

Found at the bottom of a brief essay on terrorists vs freedom fighters: The Joy of Curmudgeonry – Dowsers and Terrorists [1] An archaeological geophysicist once told me that dowsing was sometimes used in site-surveys as a rough but effective substitute for some of the more technically-advanced and expensive conductivity-meters, but that their use was […]

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Girls: Worth £125.

Times Online – India welcomes more baby girls for first time More girls were born in Delhi than boys last year for the first time, according to official figures, after parents were given cash bonuses of £125 for each new daughter as part of a drive to stamp out female infanticide. Government officials cited the […]

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And Don't Forget Your $15 Filing Fee

NAACP requires victims file requests in triplicate before investigating incidents of racial violence: Gateway Pundit – Black Conservatives Hold Protest at NAACP Over Ken Gladney Attack (Video)

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Gosh, I Hear There's a Little Healthcare Reform in the Works

Pages 201 – 300 have been perused and parsed for the good of all: Gormogons – HR 3200, Pages 201-300 My favourite: Section 1149 establishes a need to for an advisory commission to conduct a bone mass measurement study, including duel-energy x-ray absorptriometry. Duel energy? Like when the two dudes in Big Trouble in Little […]

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Alexandr Karpushin's Moment in the Sun

Now, how does a cargo ship disappear in the world’s busiest shipping lane? The Times – Missing ship Arctic Sea spotted in mid-Atlantic The vessel’s disappearance started an international maritime search when it vanished shortly after the crew made contact with Dover coastguard on June 28. The ship sailed along the South Coast but its […]

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Common Good For Thee But Not For the Common Good

Telegraph Blogs – Damian Thompson: British Catholic magazine tells US bishops to back Obama and stop fussing about abortion It is unfortunate that the one body that could turn out to be a decisive strategic force in his favour, the US Catholic bishops, have so far concentrated on a specifically Catholic issue – making sure […]

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Of Differing Backgrounds and Reverse Wedding-Crashing

Telegraph – Why must we bow to the intolerant ways of Islam?<br/> Jim Fitzpatrick MP and his wife were quite right to leave a wedding because it was segregated by sex, says Alasdair Palmer. When Jim Fitzpatrick MP and his wife decided to leave a Muslim wedding party after they discovered it was segregated by […]

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Obama Lies, Grandma Dies

Clever protest sign alert… The Times – US healthcare reforms cause outrage and fears of a ‘socialist state’ Most of the roughly 1,000 people outside the community hall of Kittanning, a mining town in the Appalachian hills 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, seem to share Mr Anderson’s views, to judge by their banners. “Nobama,” says […]

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Attenuating the Little Preemies for the Union Thug

The Times – Why Americans fear the accountant’s knife<br/> Protesters against Obama’s reforms are defending their excellent medical service. It’s all about cost-cutting, not liberty, by David Frum A pregnant American arrives at her doctor’s office. It’s time for her ultrasound check. The doctor wheels over the machine from the corner of the room: of […]

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