Times Online – Don’t pitch your tent here, terror victims’ town tells Colonel Gaddafi

A New Jersey town with a bitter experience of terrorism is in uproar at the prospect of Muammar Gaddafi pitching his air-conditioned tent there during his first visit to the United States.

The Libyan leader is considering making his Bedouin camp in the garden of a Libyan-owned mansion in Englewood, next door to a Jewish school and a famous rabbi, when he travels to New York to address the UN General Assembly on September 23. …

Englewood has its own searing memories of terrorism. The town lost five residents in the September 11, 2001, terror attacks and its fire brigade helped in the recovery effort at “Ground Zero.”

Congressman Steve Rothman, who represents the area and once served as Englewood’s mayor, said:”Gaddafi is a dangerous dictator whose hands are covered with the blood of Americans and our allies.”

Michael Wildes, the current mayor, said: “People are infuriated that a financier of terrorism, who in recent days gave a hero’s welcome to a convicted terrorist, would be welcomed to our shores, let alone reside in our city.”

Mr Gaddafi’s attention turned to Englewood after the US refused permission for him to pitch his tent in New York’s Central Park.

Hah. Interesting tho. Pitched up next to the rabbi and last time he pulled this, in Paris, he was staying in the gardens of a mansion once belonging to the Rothschilds.

But the families of those killed in the Lockerbie bombing, many of whom live in New Jersey, are appalled at Mr Qadhafi’s visit.

Susan Cohen, of Cape May Court House, New Jersey, said: “This is what happens when you have the path of appeasement. He’s getting everything he wants, and I guess that includes a trip to the state of New Jersey, which certainly doesn’t need this.”

Mr Wildes, an immigration lawyer and former federal prosecutor, said that Mr Gadaffi should be denied a US visa.

But Washington is required to permit visiting heads of state to attend the UN.

So why can’t the UN put him up in a broom closet? Ah:

Times Online – US Senator moves to keep Colonel Gaddafi on tight leash for UN visit

A Democratic Senator has come up with a radical solution for the unwelcome visit of the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to America next month – force him to stay inside the United Nations compound. …

As the place where the UN’s headquarters is based, the United States is obliged to allow foreign leaders, other officials and diplomats into the country to visit. However, provisions allow US authorities to restrict their movement to a 25-mile (40km) radius around the UN headquarters building, although this would not rule out Englewood as it is just 12 miles away.