io9 – Did Ralph Nader Write The Weirdest Science Fiction Story Of The Year?

The story begins in 2005, not long after Hurricane Katrina. A secret gathering is convened by Buffett at a Maui mountain retreat, where 17 very wealthy people agree to take back the country they think has been betrayed.

The cast of characters include Warren Beatty, who runs against Ahnuld (isn’t he out of terms anyway?) and wins with 63% of the vote, and Yoko Ono, who:

in the book invents a logo called Seventh-Generation Eye that causes millions of people suddenly to shed their political apathy.

Wow! So what do these 17 Maui-mountaintop-secret-lair-retreat-based billionaires (and Yoko) set out to accomplish?

The super-rich name themselves “Meliorists,” believers that people can make the world better. They persuade the elusive Warren Beatty to run against Arnold Schwarzenegger for California governor. They conspire to force Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to allow its workers to unionize. They push for universal health care. They start a new political party, dedicated to publicly financed elections. They are so quick, and clever, their foes can’t catch up.

That’s it?!