It’s getting late, but I’ve had a couple things stacked up, waiting to be posted…

The Times (Wednesday) – Colonel Gaddafi finally finds somewhere to pitch his tent – on Donald Trump’s land

“There is no legal way to prevent this as he is a head of state, despite the fact that he has a long history as a terrorist. However, from my point of view, he is not welcome in Westchester,” said Andy Spano, the county executive.

A building inspector tried yesterday to deliver a “stop work” order because the tent violated local regulations, but no one on the site spoke English.

Oh that old trick. I can’t believe they fell for it.

Congressman John Hall said that he was contacting the State Department. “This sponsor of terror is not welcome here,” he said. “Several residents of this area were horrifically murdered on Pan Am Flight 103. Gaddafi’s presence in our community is a slap in the face to the memories of these victims and their families, adding to the recent outrage of the hero’s welcome Gaddafi staged for the convicted murderer released by Scotland.”

The Libyan leader is due to address the 192-nation UN General Assembly immediately after President Obama today. After unsuccessfully seeking permission to pitch his tent in New York’s Central Park, he was barred from using a Libyan-owned estate in New Jersey and reportedly rebuffed by the luxury Pierre Hotel.

Libyan officials failed to rent an Upper East Side mansion by posing as Dutch diplomats. They then posed as Sri Lankans to try to rent a luxury house in Riverdale, just north of Manhattan, also without success.

“Dealing with a terrorist country just wouldn’t be good business,” said John Fitzgerald, the developer who turned down a $60,000 (£37,000) offer to rent the Riverdale house. “I also don’t like to deal with liars. It was a no-brainer.”

It then briefly mentions Ahmadinejad. I wonder where he stayed?


Telegraph Blogs – Nile Gardiner: Why is Hillary Clinton giving millions to Gaddafi?

Maybe Hillary’s been reading Wheat & Weeds? No, probably not. Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:

“Although this money was provided by Congress to promote democracy and human rights in Libya, the Administration has chosen to funnel the resources through the Qadhafi family.”…

It simply beggars belief that just weeks after Muammar Gaddafi welcomed home the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi as a returning hero, the Obama administration is still planning to send U.S. taxpayer dollars into the coffers of the Libyan dictator. Colonel Gaddafi does not need another stimulus package from Washington.

Hillary Clinton should immediately halt the transfer of US funds to Libya, sending a clear message that the United States will have no truck with Gaddafi. He deserves to be treated with contempt as an unrepentant state sponsor of terrorism with the blood of more than 190 Americans on his hands.