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Post-Apocalyptic Sandstorm Correspondant Brett McS Reporting

Broken Hill, the origin of the storm, way out near the Victoria border: Too bad about Sydney. Always wanted to visit. On the plus side, hotel prices must be very reasonable. Daily Telegraph – Weird red dust covers Sydney Flickr Galleries – Red Dust Brett adds, from Newcastle, “It’s very orange here as well.” And, […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXIV

I’ve seen this in a bunch of places so probably you have too but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to look at it on a screen bigger than my phone’s: Wheat & Weeds – How To Tell If Your Dissent Is Racist (I’d upload the image myself but my blog seems […]

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A Good Point About Sheep

The Sunday Times – Mad Johnny Baa Lamb is here to save the pit bulls, by Jeremy Clarkson [S]heep are unique in the animal kingdom for having no sense of worth and no particularly strong will to live. You may think humans are imaginative when it comes to committing suicide. We jump in front of […]

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Blogger Niches

Tim Blair – BIGNESS ENSMALLENED I don’t really have anything to say about the Tea Party protest anymore (I think we’ve all moved past that) but first off, if you read that post, it’s astonishing how sloppy LGF’s reasoning is (it’s the kind of mistake I would make, and makes one wonder how informed the […]

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The Egyptian Pigless Utopia

NYT – Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaws in Wiping Out Pigs Cairo’s garbage collection belonged to the informal sector. The government hired multinational companies to collect the trash, and the companies decided to place bins around the city. It’s unbelievable, they’ll kill all the pigs but they won’t address this small issue: But they failed to […]

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In Praise of Booze and HM the QM

The Sunday Times – And so I say chin-chin to all you tiresome moralisers, by India Knight There is an argument to be made in favour of really heroic drinking, and after a week that brought the publication of an authorised biography of the Queen Mother as well as the death of Keith Floyd — […]

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Thucydides on the Stasis of Corcyra of Course

PJM – The Rise of the Uncouth, by Victor Davis Hanson I love VDH. Only he can begin his essays with: The historian Thucydides warned about the escalating violent language and behavior that we are witnessing. More on that later. And, later: The historian Thucydides has a wonderful chapter in his third book on the […]

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In Which the Son of a Military Dictator Fears that International Governmental Organizations Aren't Democratic Enough

I found this ever so interesting: The Times – Gaddafi’s heir leaves clue to his world vision in his Phd Dr Gaddafi, 37, introduces his work by writing: “I shall be primarily concerned with what I argue is the central failing of the current system of global governance in the new global environment: that it […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXIII

Telegraph – The Lost Symbol and The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown’s 20 worst sentences<br/> The Lost Symbol, the latest novel by The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, has gone on sale. We pick 20 of the clumsiest phrases from it and from his earlier works. I think this is the best one: […]

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Statuesque Blondes and Older Women

The most I know about Peter, Paul and Mary is what I learned from the album cover in my parents’ old record collection (heavy on children’s music, The Beatles and 70s folk). And Puff (The Magic Dragon). But HalfEmpty, struggling through a swinish flu, is feeling her loss keenly this week, so this one’s dedicated […]

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Taking Advantage of Ignorance of the Minutiae of Mid-Century Central European History

PJM – Still Dis-Putin’ History After All These Years<br/> September 17 reminds us that Russia refuses a proper reckoning with its bloody past. By Arthur Chrenkoff (Arthur Chrenkoff!) Putin’s open letter on the occasion of the anniversary [of the outbreak of WWII] (addressed to and published by Poland’s most influential daily, Gazeta Wyborcza) was a […]

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Who Says We Aren't Spending Enough on Infrastructure

The Corner – Veronique de Rugy: Your Tax Dollars at Work Meanwhile, roads crumble, traffic jams grow, trains aren’t built (or are but at huge bloated simultaneous cost)…

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At Last: Pure, Uncomplicated Outrage

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Now This is Inappropriate Presidential Commentary on a Citizen I Can Get Behind

Times Online – ‘Kanye West? He’s a jackass,’ says Obama Asked about the row during an interview with CNBC, President Obama appeared to sum up the national mood pretty well, albeit undiplomatically. The problem was that his remark was made during an off-the-record part of the interview which was not going to be made public. […]

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Practical Socialism in One Less Easy Step

Telegrah Blogs – James Delingpole: How conservative pranksters made idiots of Obama’s favourite left-wing charity ACORN As something of a professional conservative nut job myself, I find that one of the hardest struggles of my daily existence is persuading the world that I’m not in this game just to be wilfully contrarian and I’m not […]

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