Telegraph Blogs – Tim Collard: What the hell is the point of the United Nations? (a retired British diplomat who spent most of his career in China and Germany & an active member of the Labour Party)

So the circus has come to town again. The unspeakable Gaddafi is given a reasonable 15 minutes to speak, and goes on for an hour and three quarters of clowning, tearing up the UN charter and talking complete nonsense about swine flu. Well, you might say, that’s what Gaddafi does. But why do they let him? OK, manhandling him from the room might have been a bit much to expect, but they could at least have switched his mike off. But naturally everyone simply submitted to having their schedule thrown out and their time wasted. And then, naturally, Mugabe with more of the same. Why can this organisation not impose its own agreed rules?

It’s a good point. They can’t even enforce their schedule.

He goes on to explain this, so rtwt.