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Royal al Tenenbahmir

Revealed: Lockerbie bomber defies doctors’ prediction of death<br/> The health of the Lockerbie bomber has “not deteriorated” since his release from prison three months ago – despite doctors’ assessments that he would have died by now, a senior source has told The Sunday Telegraph. The photo reminds me of the Gene Hackman character in The […]

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Protecting Society From Volunteering and Volunteer Flower Arrangers

The Sunday Times – Crazy law leaves a child out in the cold, by Jenni Russell Last winter a father I know went to collect his 12-year-old son from an evening at a youth club in a neighbouring village. It was dark and it was raining. There was only one other child left at the […]

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Another Reason to Get Irritated About "King" County

A couple of years ago, King County changed it’s logo. Named for a Vice President nobody’s ever heard of, the name “King County” always had faintly Canadian overtones, making one think of our northern neighbors and perhaps evocotive of our shared history. It made one imagine Seattle as a jewel in the crown. One envisioned […]

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Good News From the Muslim Orthodoxy

Islam: at war within itself. By Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director, Barnabas Fund I though I’d go on for a little optimism for once. (I mean, we can’t be baking all the time…)

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Good Old U2

At least somebody’s celebrating. BBC – U2 to play Brandenburg Gate gig U2 are to perform a free concert at the Brandenburg Gate to mark 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The 5 November gig will form part of the MTV Europe Music Awards in the German capital and precede events to […]

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How Far Behind Are We, You Ask?

We’re so far behind, not only do France and New Zealand have Conservative governments… National Post – Tim Mak: Goldwater, Reagan and …Ludacris? This weekend, hip-hop artist Christopher Bridges came to Washington, D.C. to fundraise and lift awareness for his charitable organization. I’ve searched high and low, and after seeing him speak, I’m ecstatic to […]

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This Is a Photo of a Great White Shark Nearly Bitten In Half

Sky News – ‘Monster Shark’ Chomps Into Great White A stunning picture shows a 10ft predator thrashing about with two massive chunks missing on either side of its body, off the Queensland coast. Experts said its rival may be 20ft (about six metres) long, judging by the size of the huge bites. The great white […]

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From Clare Booth Luce To the Five Norwegians

Der Spiegel – Charles Krauthammer, the leading voice of America’s conservative intellectuals, discusses Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, the president’s failures and the state of the United Nations and the international community.

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Modern Girlhood: A Diptych

First: Telegraph – Date-rape drink spiking ‘an urban legend'<br/> Widespread spiking of drinks with date-rape drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB is an “urban legend” fuelled by young women unwilling to accept they have simply consumed too much alcohol, academics believe. Young women’s fears about date-rape drugs are so ingrained that students mistakenly think it […]

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This Is Much More Interesting Than Outmaneuvering the Magic Circle

Here are the goods, via Wheat & Weeds: What’s being interpreted, for now, as an intra-Christian skirmish may eventually be remembered as the first step toward a united Anglican-Catholic front — not against liberalism or atheism, but against Christianity’s most enduring and impressive foe. I should have a new category: Intrigue!

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Maybe If I Accused Him of Starving Redheads the President Would Reflexively Invite Me to the White House For Dinner

Telegraph – Barack Obama invites female staff member for golf game after sexism allegations<br/> President Barack Obama invited a female member of staff to join his regular golf game for the first time, following criticism that he was turning the White House into a boys’ club. He had a game of basketball. An all-male game […]

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Peter Recommends CXVII


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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXIX

<br/> “The Wardrobe” – Canal+

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Intellectually Arrogant Religious/Self-Revering Types

Some lady RC2’s quoting, on organized religion: A lot of people I know call themselves spiritual. They sit around and light candles and think happy thoughts, which is great. I’m not saying they’re not enlightened. I’m just saying that for me, as somebody whose chief sin is intellectual arrogance, I can’t afford to do that. […]

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On Lard-Bucketry and Child Abuse

The Sunday Times – The obese want to have their equality cake and eat it too, by India Knight Whatever else may or may not have gone on with the fat family — and social services seem to be indicating that weight is only one component — being so irresponsible that you make your children […]

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