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Some Extradition Fighting the Hollywood Types Might Want to Circulate a Petition For

Telegraph – A tale of modern Iran: a young woman’s flight from her father In a move that shows the widening gap between Iran’s revolutionary generation and their Western-leaning offspring, 25-year-old Narges Kalhor has claimed asylum in Germany, fearing for her safety because of an outcry over a film she made which criticised the Islamic […]

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Sending the Police to Spank Little Old Ladies

Telegraph – Pensioner questioned by police after complaining about gay pride march<br/> Pauline Howe, a 67-year-old grandmother, was questioned by police after council officials decided that her complaint about a gay pride march amounted to a “hate incident”. “We talked about inappropriate comments and the effects they can have on people. We believe that this […]

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I Gone Done Shopping!

I have an Amazon order whizzing its way towards me at the speed of UPS Ground! (I’m going to do little ads to do this cuz it’s easier than text links with all the cuttin’ and pastin’): For the baby! Someday I’ll do a page of all the books we’ve bought her. She has some […]

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Today Is United Nations Day!

*Update:** RC2 has a real post on possible festive celebrations for this august day: Wheat & Weeds – How Shall We Celebrate?

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The BNP On the BBC

Yesterday the UK Twitterverse kept going on about Question Time, and it took me almost until it started to figure out that they were talking about the BBC letting Nick Griffin on (hooray for free speech, etc). Anyway it was all very interesting. Telegraph – BNP on Question Time watched by 8 million<br/> More than […]

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About This Anglican Poaching Business

A full article from my Holy Smoke-turned-Telegraph Blogs editor: Telegraph – The Vatican opens its arms to Anglicans – and tightens its grip<br/> The Pope’s dramatic invitation to disaffected Anglicans will have a huge impact, says Damian Thompson. By Damian Thompson If they choose, these disaffected [Anglican] churchgoers will soon be able to worship together […]

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Something to Help Polish Up That Ball of Depression, Anger and Despair

Telegraph – ‘They wanted to take away our child’<br/> Since the death of Baby Peter, state applications to put children into care has risen by almost 50%, and innocent families are suffering. Child protection referrals have rocketed in the wake of the tragic death of Baby Peter, and figures published yesterday by Cafcass, the organisation […]

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Complete Traditional Recipe Book? Sold!

<img src=”http://www.ninme.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/natrustcookbook.jpg” alt=”Complete Traditional Recipe Book” title=”Complete Traditional Recipe Book” width=”177″ height=”230″ size-full wp-image-11706″ align=”left” style=”margin-right:10px” />This will be mine. This sumptuous collection of over 300 of the best traditional British recipes from the National Trust provides the tastiest food that has stood the test of time. Choose from favourites such as Bread and Butter […]

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Peter Recommends CXVI

Paint it burgundy and stick on some grill badges on it and look! It’s Inspector Morse’s car! Autoblog – JDM Retrofuturism: Mitsuoka launches updated New Viewt

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The Swedes are Burning Baby Bunnies to Heat Their Homes

Man, these Scandinavians are just on a roll to wreck their reputations: Inhabitat – Sweden is Burning Biofuel Made from Bunnies To cut back on bunny populations and create a greener source of heating fuel for Swedes, city employees round up the rabbits, shoot them, freeze them and then ship them to a heating plant […]

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This is Why Lenin Put Fascism to His Right Wing

A Life Magazine article on Mussolini and Italian fascism (keep scrolling, it’s about half way down at page 31). Opening excerpt: Fascism is the fightingest word in the world today. To free peoples, it means War and Tyranny. On these pages LIFE presents its less war-like aspects. Americans think of Government as something outside themselves. […]

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And Your Sunday Afternoon Ball of Depression, Anger and Despair:

Telegraph – Social services ‘to take baby from teenager deemed too stupid to marry’<br/> A mother-to-be, who was banned from marrying after social workers said she is not intelligent enough, is to have her baby taken away immediately after giving birth. Kerry Robertson, 17, who has mild learning difficulties, has been told that she will […]

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Chopper Read Has a Message for Modern Man

Reuters – Modern man a wimp says anthropologist Many prehistoric Australian aboriginals could have outrun world 100 and 200 meters record holder Usain Bolt in modern conditions. Some Tutsi men in Rwanda exceeded the current world high jump record of 2.45 meters during initiation ceremonies in which they had to jump at least their own […]

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The View From Dreamy Norway

NRO – Debacle in Moscow<br/> Obama’s foreign policy is amateurishness, wrapped in naïveté, inside credulity. By Charles Krauthammer About the only thing more comical than Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was the reaction of those who deemed the award “premature,” as if the brilliance of Obama’s foreign policy is so self-evident and its success so […]

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The UN Riding to the Rescue Again to Save Oppressed Peoples From Blabbedy Blah Blah

National Post – Steven Edwards: UN abuse investigator ignores abusers, investigates Canada McDougall, a U.S. national, is visiting Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal in a 10-day tour that ends Oct. 23. The UN says she will meet with senior federal and provincial government officials, representatives of activist groups, community members, academics, and others working to […]

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