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Kate Moss For the NHS (And ObamaCare!)

The Times – Kate Moss: an icon of willpower and strength<br/> Don’t damn the supermodel for being honest. If you want to be thin, you have to eat less. And thin is much better than fat, by Giles Coren (the food critic) Asked during an interview with a fashion website if she had any mottoes, […]

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Wasting Prii

Caitlin Moran’s Celeb Watch: Look, CW isn’t claiming to be one of the world’s top environmentalists. Yes, it’s a borderline totalitarian state when it comes to domestic recycling, and if it has tetchily turned off that sodding light in the coat cupboard once it has done it a thousand arsing times. But CW still can’t […]

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What If the Banned Crucifixes and Spanish Mm-Hmm-Hmm Lessons Are All a RUSE?!

Telegraph Blogs – Damian Thompson: Does the devout Catholic Van Rompuy want to preside over a Holy Roman Empire? The appointment of Herman Van Rompuy as “President of Europe” is a gift to conspiracy theorists who fear the re-emergence of a Europe dominated by Rome. The wellspring of the Belgian’s Eurofederalism, like that of the […]

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More Hazard, Relinquished Vigilance and Da Gubmint

The best ACTUAL explanation for how government takeovers of life turns citizens into totally dependent: Canada Post – Kate Tennier: Why does more classroom time actually hinder learning? Although it may sound illicit, “moral hazard” is in fact a dry term used by economists to describe the phenomenon whereby an insured party’s behaviour becomes less […]

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Western Journalists Making Friends Abroad

National Post – David Akin: Now we know why Stephen Harper doesn’t like you, Indian media tells Canadian counterparts Apparently, we — the Canadian media travelling with Prime Minister Stephen Harper this week — ruffled a few feathers during our three days here. Here is a review of our coverage written by Sarabjit Jagirdar and […]

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Keeping Free Unions Free

Telegraph – Plans to legalise cohabiting couples are anti-women and degrade relationships, says peer New rules to give cohabiting couples the same rights as those who get married “retard the emancipation of women” and degrade relationships, according to the chairman of the Bar Standards Board. Money quote: She said: “There is nothing to stop them […]

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Death of the Drexel Shaft

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube. (Man, they couldn’t have made it blow up inwards a little bit and not try to wipe out 76?)

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One Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Five Consecutive Days, One Day Late, a Couple Days Short

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of this blog. Usually, uncannily, I remember after not thinking about it for weeks, like a bolt from the heavens, “What’s the date today?!” This year I kept remembering and, thinking I was totally on top of it, totally forgot yesterday. I was really busy, that’s why. Anyway, It hasn’t […]

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Family Week at Kabushiki-Gaisha Mitsubishi UFJ

The Times – Go home and multiply! Bank gives staff an early night to halt Japan’s falling birthrate With the recovery tenuous, deflation afflicting all levels of commerce and the country at risk of sovereign debt crisis, it seemed an odd time for Japan’s biggest and most austere banking group to be telling its staff […]

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Dr Pourandarjani, 26

The Times – Suspicions over ‘heart attack’ death of Iranian doctor who knew too much The official cause of death for the physician is heart attack but there is evidence that regime officials drove him to suicide or murdered him because he witnessed the brutality used against opposition detainees after the disputed election in June. […]

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The Geneva Conventions Are About Incentives, Too

WSJ – Holder’s al Qaeda Incentive Plan by William McGurn [T]he perverse message that decision [to dispatch Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other al Qaeda leaders to federal criminal court for trial] will send to terrorists all over this dangerous world is this: If you kill civilians on American soil you will have greater protections than […]

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Islam, Secular Nationalism and Devotion

An email to Jonah Goldberg: Dear Jonah I am 34 years old, born in the U.S., raised as a (nominal) Muslim in Iran, and returned back to the U.S. in 1990 (thank Goodness). I converted to Catholicism in 2002, and became a reservist in the Navy (through the Direct Commission Officer program) in 2004. Growing […]

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The Ukraine, Famine and Gareth Jones, 29

The Times – True extent of Ukraine famine revealed in British journalist’s diaries Millions of peasants were starving. Children were turned against adults as they were recruited to expose people accused of hoarding grain. Stalin sealed the border between Russia and Ukraine to ensure that news of the famine would not spread, but one journalist […]

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Yay, Top Gear!

Top Gear started again last night! We watched the first third of it, about, then saved the rest for this evening. I’m very excited. I’m doubly excited that Hammond cut his hair. I’m triply excited because May’s my favourite and there was this interview with him in the Telegraph on Friday: Telegraph – Interview: Top […]

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Sunspots, the Coming Ice Age, and Justifying $80 Cute Winter Baby Booties

I saw this the other days, a breakdown on our favourite book-signing geologist from Adelaide: Telegraph – Prof Ian Plimer: tenets of a climate change sceptic<br/> Prof Ian Plimer, a geologist at Adelaide University, hit the headlines in Britain on Thursday, giving an interview in which he claimed that “not one great climate change in […]

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