I enjoyed reading this. Bits of it reminded me of some of Vanderleun‘s stories, but of course in a later, less-charmed decade.

But I don’t have time to quote any of that so I’m going to skip to the funny bit.

The Awl – The End of the 00s: The Stupid Kids of 1999, By Will Leitch

See, though: That on-rush of talented, ambitious young people during the dot-com boom, they’re still here, and they laid the foundation for what you see today, the Gawkers, the Awls, everything that is great and terrible about this strange planet we find ourselves bewildered and enthralled

So of course the Silicon Valley became what it became because there was a glut of PhD’s in the Bay Area working for Loral and Lockheed and all those during the Cold War. Then Reagan had a few words with Gorby and then all these people had nothing better to do but work on microchips. And a few years after that was the dotcom boom.

So: Arms race begat dotcom. Dotcom begat Gawker. And there you go.