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Hardhat Area

I asked Peter to add one small Tumblr box to my sidebar. Which meant he had to completely rebuild my blog theme. He’s spent the morning and a bit of the afternoon doing that and now he’s about to punt it over to the live site. If I disappear for the next week or so, […]

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And Your Christian Elephants as Agents of Hindu Karma Story of the Day

…Is courtesy of RC2: Wheat & Weeds – A Plague of …Elephants?

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A Decent Man Moves a Few Days Over and Sends Everyone Into Floods of Tears

Friday morning I woke up, read my Twitter, and thought Terry Wogan had died. But he’s only left his radio show (albeit one he had for 27 years, tho one I have never heard, for obvious reasons). This is all very interesting to me, though, since I do listen to the Mayo/Kermode movie reviews every […]

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The Tears of Ian Fry

Ah, where to begin… NRO – Climate Hypocrites<br/> Island nations underwater, and offsetting princes. By Mark Steyn Reuters, for example, carried a moving account of the speech by Ian Fry, lead negotiator for Tuvalu, the beleaguered Pacific island nation soon to be underwater because of a planet-devastating combination of your SUV and unsustainable bovine flatulence […]

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Loopholes and Baby Killing

CMR – Cold-Blooded Child Murder and the Loophole I warn you, this story is very disturbing. In Virginia, a mother gave birth to her baby and then suffocated it. Virginia law enforcement is powerless to charge her. Oh gross.

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In Defense of Anonymity

As the internet ages and the blogosphere (GOD THAT WORD) matures, it’s become less and less acceptable to be anonymous. It’s as though it’s an immature holdover from, to borrow a line, the old, dark days of the internet when men were men, women were men and children were FBI agents, no one cared what […]

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Peter Recommends CXVIII

This is very funny: Andrew McDonald – A PICTORIAL GUIDE TO AVOIDING CAMERA LOSS Australians.

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White Guys Abroad

io9 – When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like “Avatar”? This is a classic scenario you’ve seen in non-scifi epics from Dances With Wolves to The Last Samurai, where a white guy manages to get himself accepted into a closed society of people of color and eventually becomes its most awesome member. … Sure, […]

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Yay The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra!

National Post – Symphony refuses to mime at Olympics VANCOUVER — The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra refused an invitation to record music for the Vancouver 2010 opening ceremonies because VANOC wanted other musicians to “mime” the live performance. VSO conductor Bramwell Tovey was asked to conduct the recording session, but was told another conductor would perform […]

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The Travels of Jennifer Lynch

National Post – Adrian MacNair: Jennifer Lynch gets human rights advice from Cuba, Kyrgyzstan The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has revealed the costly travel expenses of Chief Commissar Jennifer Lynch, as she went abroad to consult dignitaries from such beacons of human rights as Cuba. In travels to Geneva, Dublin, Copenhagen, Malaysia, and Vienna, Lynch racked […]

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Insert Potato Joke Here

BBC – South Africa HIV-row minister Tshabalala-Msimang dies South African ex-Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, criticised for questioning whether HIV causes Aids, has died aged 69 from liver disease. Her critics dubbed her “Dr Beetroot” for her advocacy of healthy eating rather than drugs to fight HIV. … [A] study last year claimed that more than […]

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Small North African Nation Misplaces Soccer Team

Telegraph – Eritrean football team missing after match in Kenya The twelve players are believed to be hiding somewhere in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, where there are tens of thousands who have fled Eritrea’s government. Huh.

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You Lost 'Em at "Sensible"

I feel like this is Solomonic, but I’m not sure. In the National Post: This will never happen, but the New York Times carries a column today in which University of Guelph professor Ross McKitrick proposes a simple solution to the carbon tax conundrum: Tie taxes to temperatures. He suggests imposing financial penalties on carbon […]

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Reinstituting Impressment Would Work Too

Telegraph – Anger management for badly behaved pupils<br/> Pupils will be sent on anger management courses under a Government crackdown on bad behaviour in the classroom. Under rules, schools will be forced to set out the number of days pupils will attend courses and outline proposals to reintegrate children back into normal lessons. The move […]

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Quick, Read This!

I’ve had a busy day of sitting places reading stuff on my phone. So much read, but no time to sit at the computer and link to any of it properly… So here, RC2 has a HUGE post on pretty much everything Copenhagen (with videos!): Wheat & Weeds – “I Tried To Tell Them….” That’ll […]

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