Telegraph – First Christmas for the premature babies at Queen Charlotte’s<br/> Christmas as Queen Charlotte’s neonatal unit is a mix of joy, anxiety and grief, as Laura Donnelly discovered.

Premature babies are twice as common as cases of breast cancer, yet they remain one of the most poorly resourced treatment areas of the NHS.

One in nine babies – some 82,000 a year – are born early, and Britain has the highest mortality rate in western Europe.

Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust, has some of the best facilities in the UK, with rooms for mothers and babies to bond and breast feed, as well as all the latest technology to support the sickest and smallest babies.

However, on an average week, shortages of specialist nurses, common across the country, mean just 25 of its 35 cots can be used, says Dr Lidia Tyszczuk, consultant in neonatal medicine.

Our hospital didn’t have that problem. Anyway I’m gonna stop there.