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The Committee In Charge of Promoting Sport Values at the Olympics

WaPo – IOC failing in its responsibility to the Olympics, by Sally Jenkins As the Vancouver Games come to a close, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge will call them a success. But it’s the IOC — so incubated in blue blazers, five-star accommodations, and shellfish buffets — that requires real assessment. Exactly what should […]

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Biblical Fact o’ the Day:

As I understand it, the Book of Esther is one of only two books in the Hebrew Bible that does not mention God. It is the straightforward story of how Jews were threatened with genocide but were able to turn the tables and kill those who would kill them. via Powerline. Happy Purim! I read […]

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And Now For Some Mary Poppins, Remixed

Curtsy: Vanderleun.

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Christian Martyrs, Redux

Der Spiegel – Christianity’s Modern-Day Martyrs The rise of Islamic extremism is putting increasing pressure on Christians in Muslim countries, who are the victims of murder, violence and discrimination. Christians are now considered the most persecuted religious group around the world. Paradoxically, their greatest hope could come from moderate political Islam. By SPIEGEL staff. One […]

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This Company Makes Me Want to Buy a Laptop

A new reason to rescue yesterday’s t-shirts from the back of your closet. Once upon a time, it was your statement to the world — a show of school pride, a taste for graphic design, a photo of your favorite singer’s mug shot. These days, it probably sits unworn in storage. Here’s your chance to […]

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Earthquake in Chile

Boston.com’s Big Picture site is already on the case. A good point made by RC2: 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile sends tsunami 500mph barreling straight for Hawaii. The entire Pacific, including Oz and Japan, is under tsunami warning, although as I type they’ve already dialed the direst predictions about how big the wave will be […]

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In Which War, Crime, Hunger Are Banished, Harmony and Fair Business Dealings Achieved For All

A few examples of the authorities trying to find ways to make themselves useful in this new paradise we find ourselves in: BBC – ‘Nose blow’ driver case dropped Michael Mancini said he had been given a fixed penalty notice after using a handkerchief while his van was stationary in traffic in Ayr. The 39-year-old […]

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Promoting Sport Values at the Olympics

Telegraph – Canadian women’s ice hockey team apologise for beer and cigars on ice The all-conquering Canadian women’s ice hockey team has apologised after players celebrated winning Olympic gold by quaffing champagne and beer, and smoking cigars, on the ice. Victorious players emerged from the dressing room, still in their uniforms and with gold medals […]

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So I Was Just Watching, Slightly Incredulous, “Nordic Combined”…

National Post: The Winter Games in particular are a hotbed of weirdness. You say that not enough women play hockey internationally to make it legitimate? How about the sport of nordic combined, in which participants both cross-country ski and ski jump? Are there leagues devoted to the pursuit of such an odd combination of skills […]

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How to Print a Book

This is amazing: How to print a book, with type setters, wax, copper plates, lots of blades and glue and people. Also, why don’t they seem to make videos like this anymore? I love any car ad that shows the robots on the factory floor. Why not make videos showing how cars are made, or […]

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Writing in High Gear!

I like this: As for those editors who insist on replacing “Dickensian” with “in the style of Charles Dickens, English novelist, 1812-1870”, that’s a big part of why American newspapers are unreadable. It’s like going down a suburban avenue with speed-bumps every 20 yards. The whole trick of writing is to let the reader get […]

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@DalaiLama is Verified

The Dalai Lama tweets. Ahem, yer holiness.

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John Babcock, Aged 109

National Post – Last known Canadian First World War veteran dies, aged 109

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To Go With My NBC-Induced Gnashing-of-Teeth

A golden (get it?!) oldie from Mark Steyn, from New Criterion, September, 2007: The same networks which offer drearily parochial coverage of the Olympics to the point where you’d barely know there were any other countries competing except as exotic background extras in a Team USA victory parade insist after the commercial break that in […]

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One Quick “Ouch” Before I Turn In

Rod Liddle: Just like you, I will be glued to my TV tonight to watch the first instalment of a Channel 4 series in which famous figures of today choose an iconic figure from the past and explain how influential they have been to their lives and philosophical outlook. Tonight we have Sinn Fein’s charismatic […]

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