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When Men Were Men, Women Were Women, and Cigarettes Advertised On Children’s Cartoons

RC2 found this Flinstones-sponsored-by-Wilson Cigarettes ad, calling it “truly edgy”: Honestly, this it does come off just like something Family Guy would do as satire of this kind of thing. So hilarious.

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I Got Hacked!

This morning RC2 shared my Tiger Woods story on her Google Reader (which gets pushed to her sidebar) and, seeing it pop up in my newsfeed, I thought I’d click through and check I spelt everything correctly. Then I got redirected to a scary referral spam page. So I called Peter in to look at […]

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Can I Get a Journalist With a Drinking Problem, Please

I was about to make a crack yesterday that, apparently, nobody in the MSM has ever been near drugs or alcohol, because nobody got what Tiger Woods was doing yesterday. It was obvious when he announced the press conference he’s in a 12 step program (and he even referenced it in his speech), because the […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXX

Still sick. Just WATCH this: Final Season Of ‘Lost’ Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever A slightly-unsteady-from-laughing curtsy to: RC2′s Google Reader. (And omg how much do I love Lindelof and Cuse for taking part in that?!)

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Still Sick; Take It Away, Mark Steyn

Macleans – The absurd trial of Geert Wilders, by Mark Steyn Point A: Geert Wilders, by contrast, is one of the most popular politicians in the Netherlands, and his fate is central to the future of his kingdom and his continent. He is an elected member of parliament—and, although he’s invariably labelled “far right” in […]

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The I’m Sick Link Dump of February, 2010

SO MUCH but so little energy… On Unions and how to deal with them: Corner – State of the Nation, by John Derbyshire This headline brightened up my breakfast: Unionized Rhode Island Teachers Refuse To Work 25 Minutes More Per Day, So Town Fires All Of Them Yeee-HAH! The teachers at the high school make […]

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Japanese Pesos, and Other Curiosities

Have I mentioned the currency exhibition I saw at the British Museum in 2001? It was awesome. So nerdy, so arcane. Anyway this is like that, but on an international scale. And not in real life, alas: Funny Money: Unusual and Fascinating Currency this is currency from Japan’s occupation of Hong Kong, which is prettier […]

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Peter Recommends CXXII


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This is our spreadsheet: It is slightly incomplete (Peter just added the fuel tank field and as you can see the warranty information is a little tricky to find) but last night he announced that he cannot for the life of him think of a car he missed. Yellow are so far the ones that […]

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On Happiness and Being In An Open Relationship

Bwah hah hah: Mashable – Facebook Analyzes How Relationship Status Impacts Happiness [STATS] Facebook already has a methodology for measuring the overall “happiness” of its users. It basically looks at how many positive words people use in their status updates (for English speaking users). This results in the USA Gross National Happiness Index. For this […]

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This whole thing has been very entertaining. The situation they’re in, the protests, then the German reaction, etc etc… Germans say euro zone may have to expel Greece: poll The poll also showed 67 percent of Germans did not want Germany and other EU states to give billions of euros in credit to Greece. “If […]

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Facebook Login

(I have a sick sense of humour, using that title) Okay, now that I’ve caught myself up to this story, do the following things: First, go to http://www.facebook.com/ and take a good look. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an account. Second, scan this article (it’s not that interesting, so just get the gist […]

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A City Without Billboards

At Issue Journal – A City Without Billboards Known as one of the world’s worst billboard jungles, Sao Paolo was rife with illegal billboards and signs. Advertisers had bought up virtually all available street and wall space in the city to hang their gigantic marketing messages. To earn money, some poor residents even sold the […]

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American Decline, Where Neither the Second Amendment Nor the Caliphate Can Save Us

Mark Steyn – THE SEDUCTIONS OF DECLINE I don’t even know where to begin quoting this (RC2, who is probably better at hiding her straight razors than I, quoted it fairly extensively – and thoughtfully! – here, and as testament to the resilience of her state of mind, she manages to wade through a similarly-themed […]

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Full Body Fatwa

I love this. Mark Steyn is proven right: [T]he imams have spoken: Saying that body scanners violate Islamic law, Muslim-American groups are supporting a “fatwa” – a religious ruling – that forbids Muslims from going through the scanners at airports. The Fiqh Council of North America – a body of Islamic scholars that includes some […]

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