Telegraph – Canadian women’s ice hockey team apologise for beer and cigars on ice
The all-conquering Canadian women’s ice hockey team has apologised after players celebrated winning Olympic gold by quaffing champagne and beer, and smoking cigars, on the ice.

Victorious players emerged from the dressing room, still in their uniforms and with gold medals hanging from their necks, more than half an hour after beating the United States 2-0.

During their impromptu celebration on the Vancouver ice rink Haley Irwin was pictured pouring champagne into the mouth of team-mate Tessa Bonhomme, while another player tried to drive the ice-resurfacing machine and honked the horn.

Others lay stretched out on the ice drinking from champagne bottles and beer cans.

Marie-Philip Poulin, 18, who scored both goals, is still under the legal drinking age of 19 in Vancouver but was pictured on the ice with a beer in her hand. The drinking age in Alberta, where the Canadian team trains, is 18.

She’s perfectly legal to drink in most provinces. Oh well, I suppose the International Olympic Committee is run by a bunch of sheltered Victorian spinsters, and they’re keeping an eye out for the moral rectitude of the young people in their care oh wait:

Earlier this month I reported on SafeGames 2010 and the organization’s plan to distrbute 100,000 condoms in Vancouver’s Olympic Village to help curb the spread of sexually transmitted disease (and unplanned pregnancy) among the world’s elite winter athletes. Well, it turns out 100,000 wasn’t enough: This week the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research airlifted in an emergency shipment of an additional 8,500 condoms to help meet demand.

But god forbid a pretty 18-year-old has a beer.