National Post:

The Winter Games in particular are a hotbed of weirdness. You say that not enough women play hockey internationally to make it legitimate? How about the sport of nordic combined, in which participants both cross-country ski and ski jump? Are there leagues devoted to the pursuit of such an odd combination of skills somewhere? Does little Bjorn Svennsonn go to bed at night dreaming of one day being a decent cross-country skier and decent ski jumper — not quite good enough to participate in either event alone, but good enough at both that he can be an Olympian?

Seriously! And aerials? On skis? Really? And I dunno, this new ski cross? Like roller derby but on skis? Even figure skating. I love watching it, but even as I do, I look at those costumes and think, “THIS is an Olympic sport?” I feel like they should be better than this. Purer. More a test of athleticism, skill, and an ability to get away from tigers or invading Soviets-on-skis.