WaPo – IOC failing in its responsibility to the Olympics, by Sally Jenkins

As the Vancouver Games come to a close, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge will call them a success. But it’s the IOC — so incubated in blue blazers, five-star accommodations, and shellfish buffets — that requires real assessment. Exactly what should the purpose of the IOC be? Rogge seems hard-pressed to define his job…

It’s been almost a decade since Rogge took over the IOC, and the hope that he would provide some integrity and leadership to the organization is gone. Instead, the primary achievements of his millennial Olympic movement are unwieldy growth, a breathtaking collaboration with regimes that commit human rights abuses, and a shucking of responsibility for Olympic-sized ills. The IOC, confronted in Vancouver with a couple of lethal issues and fresh human rights concerns at the next Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, instead reserved some of its toughest words for this late-breaking scandal: the drinking of champagne by women in public.


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