A new reason to rescue yesterday’s t-shirts from the back of your closet.

Once upon a time, it was your statement to the world — a show of school pride, a taste for graphic design, a photo of your favorite singer’s mug shot. These days, it probably sits unworn in storage. Here’s your chance to transform your old, favorite t-shirt into wearable duds for your laptop. We cut out the design and material from your t-shirt, sew it up with batting, felt and velcro, and voila a brand new laptop sleeve!

And reading about what they do makes me feel guilty for wanting a laptop:

It’s not just about making stuff for your computer, but about creating new life today.

Hello Rewind is passionate about fighting sex trafficking. Through our social enterprise, we work with women formerly sex trafficked in New York City so they can learn new skills and support themselves.

That’s amazing.

The company is Hello Rewind and for $49 they mail you a prepaid envelope, you throw your old teeshirt in it, they sew it into a custom laptop sleeve, and in 4-8 weeks you have a soft cottony home for your laptop, with the design for your 11th grade spring musical designed by your best friend, or that oversized concert tee from the summer before you went to college, or the souvenir from the special exhibit at the art museum… (Can you tell I have a box full of sentimental teeshirts…)