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Go Linda Johnston, MD

Wow: The Corner – From a Doctor Who Will Not Comply

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Obviously I Wasn’t Paying Attention During Schoolhouse Rock

I am so confused: Senate Democrats defeated 29 straight Republican amendments to the Democratic healthcare reconciliation bill before losing a key parliamentary ruling in Thursday’s early hours that will force the legislation back to the House of Representatives. Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin sustained two GOP objections to two minor sections of a Pell Grant provision […]

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Lullaby Hound

Curtsy: Brett McS.

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Well, In Other News:

I started filling out my census form Saturday night. But then I stopped, not knowing if I wanted to go the “American” route or state my race as “White” (just like they totally generalize each neighborhood of each township of each south pacific island nation, but whatevs). I don’t usually break rules, see, but then […]

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Quote of the Day: Waves of Nausea Edition

“National party leaders have suspect motives and competence. No matter the cost, they fight hardest to prevent unborn infants from having legal protection.” From this guy, middle of the page. I don’t get it. Why that issue, of all things?

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Health and Taxes

Nice. Curtsy: RC2 in the comments.

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A Pro-Life Democrat Is Worth Only $726,409 of Airport Money

Airport money. AIRPORT MONEY. Here are a couple of things of RC2′s I was reading in very wee hours and feeling really, very low about: Stupak Caves: Watching the presser as I type in which he swallows the Executive Order hocus pocus. A week ago I was prepared to eat crow and be proud of […]

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Government Committees Deciding Seriousness of Falls, Balls

(sorry, couldn’t resist) Story One: Bonnie Mason, 58, fell down the stairs and died from a head injury after 999 controllers in Suffolk failed to identify her situation as “life-threatening”. Her family could not understand why it took so long for an ambulance to be sent to the dying nurse, whose husband had explained that […]

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The Vatican (Va_) Tweets (News_) in English (En)!

Here. Less than inspirational Twitter handle, but hey. It’s official, at least.

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My Google Reader Is a Scary Place Right Now

But I found this, and, in the spirit of our ongoing quest for a Democrat with principles: I am a physician who resides and practices in Bart Stupak’s district. While I am a conservative and have a number of disagreements with him, he has been the only Democrat to earn my vote, and I have […]

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Travelling Tomorrow

Home, thank God. Open thread. Or exhausted silence. Whatevs.

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Wheat & Weeds – Con Census Skipping the actual form… I checked “other” and put American. Which I’m guessing census readers will interpret as “white,” but the defiance felt good. (If you choose to do the same, and there’s a national movement to respond so, be aware that if the feds choose to be picky, […]

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An Unaccessible Doctor For All!

Genius! The uninsured, it’s said, use emergency rooms for primary care. That’s expensive and ineffective. Once they’re insured, they’ll have regular doctors. Care will improve; costs will decline. Everyone wins. Great argument. Unfortunately, it’s untrue. A study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that the insured accounted for 83 percent of emergency-room visits, reflecting […]

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Appealing To Their Interests in Not Ruining the Economic Strength of the Country

From Cato: State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill, an independent candidate for governor, today offered a wide-ranging and scathing criticism of the state’s universal health care law, saying it is bankrupting Massachusetts and will do the same nationally, if a similar plan is passed in Congress. “If President Obama and the Democrats repeat the mistake of […]

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The New Black Helicopter Crowd

Cute: A New Hampshire neighbor of mine did this ["Find a strip of land, live off the grid, stockpile ammunition, raise emus for meat, and keep your eyes peeled"] for a while. Then he figured out the ATF guys don’t need to besiege his stockade. What with GPS and so forth, Obama can take him […]

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