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Dr Leith Penny, of Westminster Council, Would Like to Apologise

Evening Standard – Workmen destroy ancient Paddington tombs Workmen have desecrated an 18th century burial ground by destroying scores of ancient tombs, some of which belonged to children. The men were repairing a wall in St Mary’s churchyard at Paddington Green and dug up the garden above the cemetery. Local resident Julyan Wickham saw the […]

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Don’t Bring a Nuke to a Machete Fight

NRO – Mark Steyn: Nonproliferation? How Quaint! The mound of corpses being piled up around the world today is not from high-tech nuclear states but from low-tech psycho states. You could just about enforce nonproliferation back in the Cold War, when the only official nuclear powers were the Big Five at the U.N. Security Council […]

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“Nice Continent. Pity About the Africans.”

This is long, but engrossing: New Yorker – The Hunted Did American conservationists in Africa go too far? by Jeffrey Goldberg It follows the story of a husband/wife pair of American grad students turned conservationists who moved to Botswana and then Zambia and got involved in fighting illegal ivory poachers. The first half quotes much […]

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Coexistance is Easy in the Judenrein!

Mark Steyn (again): This is a question that should be asked more often: Moshe Ya’alon, a former Israel Defense Forces general who now serves as Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategic affairs minister, posed the following query in an interview published in the Jerusalem Post: “If we are talking about coexistence and peace, why the [Palestinian] insistence that […]

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Jeremy Irons As Sebastian: SCANDAL

Telegraph – Brideshead Reunited: actors reveal how acclaimed roles nearly never happened The two men have revealed that before filming began on the 1981 screen adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s most famous novel, each was cast for the other’s role. They both had to battle to overturn decisions by the director and producer that Irons should […]

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US TV Shows, At It Again

Telegraph – Is this the real face of Jesus? Jesus was 5’8″, swarthy and looked nothing like the Renaissance painters’ depictions of Christ, according to a reconstruction based on the Turin Shroud. The picture looks pretty likely, but then so might’ve the one of Cleopatra if one hadn’t seen her family tree. Actually, no. Looking […]

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So, I Stepped Out Onto the Lanai…

…because the line so amused Half last time… Our plane left at 8.30 this morning, shaved a half hour off the flight time, and we landed at 11. We were in the rental car by quarter to noon, and at the condo (after stopping at Safeway for coffee/filters/milk/bottle of wine) by 1. Amazing. Some people […]

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In Praise of the Gene Genie

DCI Gene Hunt is on Twitter. It makes me so happy to see him there. I bring this up because: Times Online – Did anyone see what’s happened to crime? Tony Blair was elected to be tough on it. But now the public has lost faith in the police, by Alice Thomson Five children, three […]

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What a Jerk

WHAT GIVES HER THE RIGHT?!?! /jealous About halfway through the nausea kicks in and you just think, “oh COME ON.” Although, I keep expecting one of them to roll over on her and kill her, cuz, y’know, IT’S DANGEROUS CUDDLING WITH WILD ANIMALS THAT ARE THE SIZE OF VOLKSWAGENS.

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Nukes! And Security! Together!

This is so funny on so many levels I can’t even begin to parse them all: France will not give up nukes WASHINGTON – France will not give up nuclear weapons because doing so would “jeopardise” its security, President Nicolas Sarkozy said this morning as global leaders gathered for a summit on nuclear security. “I […]

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China: Just In Time For Earth Day

Telegraph – Australia to prosecute over Chinese ship’s Barrier Reef shortcut Those responsible for a Chinese ship that crashed on an illegal route at the Great Barrier Reef, leaking tonnes of oil, will be prosecuted, Australia said on Sunday. It’s a good thing a couple people turned their lightbulbs off the other day. Cuz, you […]

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Disposable Sleeves

The Sunday Times – Religious tolerance has put a fatwa on our moral nerve, by Minette Marrin So, a lady nurse was told to stop wearing her crucifix for ‘ealth ‘n safety. No idea why suddenly it’s considered unclean to wear a cross, but it was. She said no way she’s been wearing it for […]

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Teaching History With… History!

Telegraph – 1930s books revived to teach pupils traditional British history History books first published in the 1930s have been revived in a bid to tackle schoolchildren’s ignorance of Britain’s past. Good heavens. They’re tackling the problem of ignorance with …BOOKS! And not by dismantling the grammar schools or whatever. The series, called A History […]

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Blowing the Pope Way Out of Purportion

Two items: Catholic Culture.org – Journalists abandon standards to attack the Pope. By Phil Lawler We’re off and running once again, with another completely phony story that purports to implicate Pope Benedict XVI in the protection of abusive priests. The “exclusive” story released by AP yesterday, which has been dutifully passed along now by scores […]

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Trololo Cat

I see this, I think of HalfEmpty. Make sure your speakers are on.

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