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Happy Memorial Day

I keep running into things, these past few weeks, which make me feel guilty to be an American. There was that book about Zimbabwe, When a Crocodile Eats the Sun. And, I mean, imagine living in a country like that, where everything disintegrates around you into corruption and violence and death, everywhere. And last night […]

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Political Correctness and New Age Mumbo Jumbo: How the North Koreans Totally Play Us

National Post – Pressure to bolster North Korean leader makes war inevitable, analyst says “It’s actually a racist worldview that should be seen on the far right of the ideological spectrum and which is actually completely incompatible with the basic ideas of Marx and Lenin,” said Mr. Meyers [professor of international studies at Dongseo University […]

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Spork and Foon Jokes

Wheat & Weeds – Mostly For Ms. R (nee M) Awesome.

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Cultural Crisis Unfolding in Oz!

Telegraph – Australians ‘don’t give a XXXX’ as they abandon beer for wine Beer consumption in Australia has dropped to a 60-year-low as the younger generation abandons the “amber nectar” in favour of wine. Oh noes!

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On Using “Pimp” As a Verb

I cautioned a guy at work the other day (who’s first language isn’t English (not that you’d notice, it’s so good)) against using “pimp” as a verb, as in “pimp my ride” (except “ride” was something more relevant to where I work). I said it was a bit …negative. I’m feeling very righteous (and relieved) […]

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And Today, the Metric System

Well, that was fast. Just yesterday I started fominating about ending the French Revolutionary tyranny of measurements, and today I see this: TLS – Before London went metric A tribute to the city’s lost architectural dignity, and its unregarded lives Lindsay Duguid The story of Lost London is straightforward: a largely Georgian city with medieval […]

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Time For Top Hats in Poland

Telegraph – Beavers responsible for Poland’s flooding Beavers are partly to blame for the devastating floods that have swept Poland killing 15 people because the animals tunnel through vital defences protecting the cities, the interior minister has said. Hah!

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Today, the Départements! Tomorrow, the Metric System!

Telegraph – France considers plan to abolish French Revolution département legacy France’s parliament is considering a plan that could stealthily abolish the country’s historic “départements”, created after the French Revolution to unite the nation and break with the country’s aristocratic past. Hurrah!

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May 17th in Norway, Later In the Day

Awwww. A house around the corner (not a pun) had a big Norwegian Flag in their yard last week. This is The House in the neighborhood that does itself up for all the big holidays, but I’m thinking Norwegian Constitution Day isn’t one of them.

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Today Was Mostly Spent Trying to Read Lost Recaps

…and failing. I also got into another fight with a little twerp at work. God what an ass he is. More house hunting duties. And my mother’s been visiting. And lo, my Google Reader gets more and more backed up. /sigh

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We Flirted With Buying a Project House Today

Built in 1927, it’s been owned for over 50 years by only the second owners ever in its history, named Gertrude and Abel. How cute is that? It could have been Peter’s Dream House, and I could have been Myrna Loy.

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From a Couple of Years’ Retirement Age in Greece to a Nuked-Up Fourth Reich in a Couple of Sentences

Liberals should like this argument tho. It’s all about interconnectedness: PJM – VDH: The New Old German Problem [W]hat will happen with Germany, when it is lectured by the French, insulted by its debtor dependencies in southern Europe, and starting to become angry that only its own work ethic and productivity—not some grandiose platitudes about […]

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Load this in HD and watch it full screen: Man I’m excited for World Cup. They have such a good sense of the international distinctions. I love it. The mad Brazilians erecting a statue and the crazed Englanders and the South Africans, etc etc. As Peter says, this is Nike on form.

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What’s La Raza in Quebecois

A tale of two borders: The Corner – Mark Steyn: That Ain’t Hay, It’s The USA In effect, the sovereignty of the United States of America no longer applies in this territory – and John Morton and the Department of Homeland Security are entirely cool with that. That’s the southern border. The northern one, the […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXIII

Epic: This would have been better yesterday, but Peter only sent it to me today.

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