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Load this in HD and watch it full screen: Man I’m excited for World Cup. They have such a good sense of the international distinctions. I love it. The mad Brazilians erecting a statue and the crazed Englanders and the South Africans, etc etc. As Peter says, this is Nike on form.

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What’s La Raza in Quebecois

A tale of two borders: The Corner – Mark Steyn: That Ain’t Hay, It’s The USA In effect, the sovereignty of the United States of America no longer applies in this territory – and John Morton and the Department of Homeland Security are entirely cool with that. That’s the southern border. The northern one, the […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXIII

Epic: This would have been better yesterday, but Peter only sent it to me today.

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Everyone Base Their Interior Choices On This 15th Century Persian Drawing of Mohammed!

It’s Everyone Draw Mohammed Day! And because these colours are just exquisite: Taking a cue from RC2, I’ve shamelessly pinched this from the Persians too. Curtsies to Zombie’s fine collection. Now, what do we think of a camel base colour on the walls with red wood furniture and turquoise and gold-detail accents (pillows, carpets, etc)?

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And I Ask You, REALLY?

Note first: The sad little hop Note second: The random brick house they’re in front of, with a little park, and a random little rainbow painted for a backdrop. Note third: They’re supposed to be evocative of cameras, presumably to remind people that they’re on CCTV at all times while they enjoy their stay in […]

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When Peter’s Away, I Sit Around and Watch Music Videos

And this one, because the subject is of endless fascination to me, features rather heavily the Japanese obsession with Christian churches: I love especially the bit where she’s dipping her fingers in the holy water. I suppose it looks about the same to us as Madonna with Sanskrit all over her hands in her Yoga […]

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Childhood Obesity Is All The Sun’s Fault

Telegraph – Parents wrongly believe that abduction is a greater threat to children than inactivity and obesity Parents wrongly believe that abduction is a greater threat to children than inactvity and obesity according to a survey published on Tuesday. RC2 once had a line about only tackling crime will solve the childhood obesity issue, but […]

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Psychoanalyzing Islamic Pathologies

On Muslims’ Locus of Control and Western arrogance, a few key points: New English Review – Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences, by Nicolai Sennels This one is amazing. I have never noticed this. It’s been remarked upon, all these doctors from the Islamic world (and not just the ones that blow themselves up, but […]

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HE’S AN ALL-CAPS KINDA GUY, DALE PETERSON: Curtsy: RC2 (quote, “Alabama Is Not Like DC”)

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UCSD’s Genocide Problem

David Horowitz gets an American college student to answer the question: Smug little punk. I wonder if she’s a convert. Updates: RC2 must have woke up generous: I honestly don’t think that’s what the girl meant. I think she was responding to Horowitz’ prior question about whether or not she supported Hamas. She initially doesn’t […]

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Baroness Warsi

I already have her in my archive criticizing the Druid after his Sharia law comments (/high five!), and further back, in an article about her releasing Gillian Gibbons from Sudan, claiming that the foreign office is useless these days. So far, she has impeccable context! Anyway, as long as she’s better than Baron Ahmed… National […]

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We Haven’t Had a Fat President For Too Long

Not since the TV age. *cackles* *rubs thighs* Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

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Worst Person In the WORLD!

Brett McS has been to PEMBERLEY! PEMBERLEY! *gnashes teeth* And reports that they were having international horse trials on the grounds! /embraces chronic alcoholism** Permberly – er – Chatsworth

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Love Your Optometrist

I’ve had a very bad day. One of those days where, all things considered, I really just shouldn’t have gone outside. But at the end of it I had an eye appointment (which I was late for (just to pile on)), and my optometrist always cheers me up. Plus he let me look through his […]

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Charts By Chuck

Chuck Devore for US Senate – What California`s terrible numbers mean for America I LOVE infographics. This guy has a LOT of infographics. *moves back to California* *re-registers to vote there* *votes for the best infographics*

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