National Post – Pressure to bolster North Korean leader makes war inevitable, analyst says

“It’s actually a racist worldview that should be seen on the far right of the ideological spectrum and which is actually completely incompatible with the basic ideas of Marx and Lenin,” said Mr. Meyers [professor of international studies at Dongseo University in Busan, South Korea].

Mr. Myers said the regime had also produced Juche Thought, a fake doctrine with no bearing on policymaking, but which had confused the West.

“Juche Thought is a jumble of humanist cliches like, ‘Man is the master of all things.’” he told radio interviewer Colin Marshall recently. “While people are wasting their time trying to make sense of Juche Thought, the regime is propagating this race-based nationalism. Another problem we have in the United States, a little bit, is political correctness, inasmuch as we are uncomfortable attributing racist views to non-white people.” He said some Korean scholars had concluded that Juche Thought was incomprehensible to a foreigner.

“In fact, it’s incomprehensible to the North Koreans too, but it serves its function very well. The main function of Juche is to enable the claim that Kim Il-sung is a great thinker, that he’s just as great a thinker as Mao Tse-tung was. In that sense, it has been a success.”

Amazing. No wonder Westerners are frozen and unable to do anything about that crazy. Anyway he has some other cheerful things to say, so keep reading.