In the Corner:

I’m a bit late weighing in on the British election because I’m not quite sure I can put into words sufficiently politely my contempt for David Cameron.


Cameron was supposed to be Blair ’97. All the irritating metrosexual modishness, but without the electoral results.


[C]ould he function as a minority Prime Minister as Stephen Harper does in Ottawa? I don’t think he has the skills of Harper, and Britain’s finances are in a far worse state than Canada’s and require the kind of dramatic reform that’s usually the first thing to be discarded by a minority government hostage to trimmers and accommodationists. A couple of days back, Jay expressed enthusiasm for Michael Gove’s interesting education theories. I would bet on them remaining theoretical. The Conservatives will be in office but not in power. And, as the reality of that sinks in, it will play to all Cameron’s worst instincts.