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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXVIII

Besides it being a serious and ESSENTIAL question, RC2 makes me laugh: Wheat & Weeds – Oz Left Rudderless Rudd resigns, ninme/wheatandweeds blog corridor breathlessly awaits explanation/assessment from on the scene correspondent Brett McS.

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The Fat Man Reckons About the Reckoning

RC2 says she likes, his point at the end about not wanting to watch his grandkids’ little league games via the internet….and look at all the different kinds of people who stood for him at the end. What I like especially is reminding people that his kids and grand kids don’t have to stay in […]

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I Got Nuthin

Tomorrow’s a big day. So I offer you just this: A dog playing soccer with a deer. Where is that dog’s self respect. EAT THE DEER.

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A Tale of Two Artists

Wheat & Weeds quotes a couple of fantastic knock-downs of all our favourite painters of light. Sorry, Painters of Light. I admit I laughed heartily at the news of his DUI the other day. Especially since he was originally pulled over for not drilling holes for a license plate through the front bumper of his […]

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The Gulf Is Dying So the President Chooses Window Treatments

OC Register – Mark Steyn: Can Obama plug leak in his support? What was it all the smart set said about Bush? Lazy and uncurious? Had Obama or his speechwriters chanced upon last week’s fishwrap, they might have noticed that I described the president as “the very model of a modern major generalist,” and they […]

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Out to Fix the Disease of Being Female

This right here makes this new Times site worthwhile. You can register for free! For freee! The Times – What do women want? Not a sex drug, thanks, by Janice Turner Two quotes: Who needs these drugs, anyway? Is a woman who doesn’t want sex actually suffering from a medical condition? Unlike a man, the […]

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New Yawk and New Joisey

Okay okay okay Rudy-Chris? Giuliani-Christie? What do we think?!

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Getting Germany Out of the Euro

It’s Gerry! Spectator – Germany’s eurozone dilemma: should they stay or should they go? By Gerard Baker As the euro continues to dance on the brink of calamity, the people responsible for the deepening debacle have finally come up with a scheme that will save it once and for all. It’s a cunning plan that […]

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Some Refuge

The Globe & Mail – The immigration debate we don’t want to have Aqsa’s murder raises some extremely troubling questions about integration, by Margaret Wente The Parvez family history is not uncommon. Aqsa’s father and her oldest brother arrived in Canada in 1999 as refugees from Pakistan. In those days, it was easy to buy […]

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Dale Peterson for Seattle Mayor!

FINALLY someone to stop them stealing road signs! What a guy.

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England v USA World Cup Goals, In Lego


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We’re Lamenting a Lot of Things

Notice: Shopping for houses sucks and I recommend no one try it. Instead, cyanide and great aunties. Trust me it’ll go smoother. In other news, this made me pull a face and nod a lot: Wheat & Weeds – Lament For The Sense Of Humor Guy writes a funny piece about how soccer is ruining […]

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Tragedy of Disappointment

A good point: I could be wrong, but I have the feeling President Obama has been sucked into a massive diversion with the oil spill. There’s not much he can do about it, and I’m guessing most people actually don’t care about it as much as they say. Yes, they feel sorry for the poor […]

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We Looked At a House Today

…Being sold by an ex-Navy pilot with a Thai wife. He’s young and handsome (40, maybe?), she’s young and pretty. He has Navy citations and photos of jet fighters on the wall of the dining room, she has pictures of herself graduating from university in Thailand and her diploma from USC in the office. He […]

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The Inverted Pyramid Doing a Fine Job

The opening line from this news story: A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria when he ‘mooned’ a group of Hell’s Angels, hurled a puppy at them and then escaped on a bulldozer. It’s ruined a bit finding out that the “student” is 26-years-old, but it’s lovely while you still imagine him […]

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