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Getting Germany Out of the Euro

It’s Gerry! Spectator – Germany’s eurozone dilemma: should they stay or should they go? By Gerard Baker As the euro continues to dance on the brink of calamity, the people responsible for the deepening debacle have finally come up with a scheme that will save it once and for all. It’s a cunning plan that […]

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Some Refuge

The Globe & Mail – The immigration debate we don’t want to have Aqsa’s murder raises some extremely troubling questions about integration, by Margaret Wente The Parvez family history is not uncommon. Aqsa’s father and her oldest brother arrived in Canada in 1999 as refugees from Pakistan. In those days, it was easy to buy […]

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England v USA World Cup Goals, In Lego


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We’re Lamenting a Lot of Things

Notice: Shopping for houses sucks and I recommend no one try it. Instead, cyanide and great aunties. Trust me it’ll go smoother. In other news, this made me pull a face and nod a lot: Wheat & Weeds – Lament For The Sense Of Humor Guy writes a funny piece about how soccer is ruining […]

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We Looked At a House Today

…Being sold by an ex-Navy pilot with a Thai wife. He’s young and handsome (40, maybe?), she’s young and pretty. He has Navy citations and photos of jet fighters on the wall of the dining room, she has pictures of herself graduating from university in Thailand and her diploma from USC in the office. He […]

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The Inverted Pyramid Doing a Fine Job

The opening line from this news story: A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria when he ‘mooned’ a group of Hell’s Angels, hurled a puppy at them and then escaped on a bulldozer. It’s ruined a bit finding out that the “student” is 26-years-old, but it’s lovely while you still imagine him […]

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Aussie Angels

AP: SYDNEY — In those bleak moments when the lost souls stood atop the cliff, wondering whether to jump, the sound of the wind and the waves was broken by a soft voice. “Why don’t you come and have a cup of tea?” the stranger would ask. And when they turned to him, his smile […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXVII

Lost’s Damon Lindelof pitches his treatment of the BP oil spill: Armageddoner! FADE IN: We OPEN on Billy Bob. He doesn’t need the cane anymore — maybe he has some kind of Iron Man cyberleg or something. This will be important later. Just don’t ask me why. The phone rings. He answers it. It’s the […]

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Young Independent Documentary Filmmaker Makes STARTLING Discovery

The Foundry – Is Hollywood Turning on Teachers Unions? But on the way to making the film she imagined, she “stumbled on this political mayhem—really like a turf war about the future of public education.” Or more accurately, she happened upon a raucous protest outside of a failing public school in which Harlem Success, already […]

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All We Have to Do Is Wait Until They Die, Boomers, Die

Peter and I have having a heck of a time finding a house. We’ve been looking for months and anything we like is outrageously expensive, and everything we don’t like still sells for those prices. And lord there are some dogs out there. Journal of the American Planning Association, Volume 74, Issue 1 – Aging […]

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Northern Ireland Again

Yikes: The Sunday Times – Return to Bloody Sunday The authors investigated the shootings for The Sunday Times. They reveal how their findings became pivotal to the inquiry. Peter Pringle and Philip Jacobson On Tuesday at 8am, a small band of lawyers, among them Britain’s best and brightest, will enter the Guildhall in Londonderry under […]

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The Special Relationship Is Turning… Special

First, there’s this this “anti-British” backlash backlash going on: And this screaming across the internet: From: Philip Breeden, US Embassy London To: Martin Longden, British Embassy Washington DC Subject: World Cup Bet Mr. Longden, It has not escaped our attention that a certain sporting event is fast approaching, and that our respective nations will soon […]

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Antonio Griffo Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno Porfirogenito Gagliardi de Curtis di Bisanzio

Today I got stuck in THE WORST traffic jam, but my car has 6 months of satellite radio so I was listening to Radio One playing its late Friday night dance mixes, and the DJ announced this to be the hit dance song of the summer, Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano: Which […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXVI

Wheat & Weeds – Font Of Wisdom One of the Vatican webmasters apparently wasn’t paying much attention during his spell-check, as the encyclicals of Pius XII at the Vatican website read “Times New Roman” every time the pontiff actually wrote “times.” Heh. Could’ve been worse. Could have been “Mary conceived comic sans sin” or “save […]

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“The West Was Focused Not on the Iranian People But on the Role of Western Technology”

Proving the West cares only about the world when it means admiring itself, in the Guardian.

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