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Backlash Backlash

Apparently Boris had words with Americans on a morning program. I shall find video of this. Meantime, Scott Adams: When I heard that BP was destroying a big portion of Earth, with no serious discussion of cutting their dividend, I had two thoughts: 1) I hate them, and 2) This would be an excellent time […]

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Surprisingly, I Don’t Think of This as a Waste of an Education

Telegraph – Students taught to walk in heels Teenage girls have been taught how to walk in high heels as part of a Government-funded college course. In fact, I look forward to girls also being given lessons in waltzing, embroidery, and how to turn in a train. Boys, of course, can be taught to punch […]

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From Helen to Troy

Thomas Friedman, who used to write the 411 column for Fox News but who now has a blog for the Hollywood Reporter, writes on Helen Thomas’ resignation: The New York Times, which did not even mention what was going on previously, now reports the story online. The Times has simply ignored the entire Thomas fiasco, […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXV

Half, on Helen Thomas (and face): Per Dad…. she’d make a train take a dirt road. Oh man. Oh man.

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The Ascent of Money Does Not Leave On a High Note

We finished our Niall Ferguson documentary on a financial history of the world. I love this show but of my lord I didn’t get so much of it. Not to ruin the ending though, but basically the US is screwed, it’ll end up in hyperinflation like Argentina or else in a world war with China, […]

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Of “Niggardly” and “Black Holes”

NAACP calls Hallmark graduation card racist Curtsy: RC2. The NAACP: Always astonishing us with their sophisticated intellectualism.

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Beware Government Employees Named Elizabeth

Remember Elizabeth Becton? Of “Call me Liz” fame? Now we have Elizabeth Peuler: Under intense media scrutiny, at least a dozen federal agencies have taken part in the spill response, making decision-making slow, conflicted and confused, as they sought to apply numerous federal statutes. In one stark example of government disputes, internal e-mail messages from […]

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Fair and Balanced Exists (Anonymously) At CBS After All

“Anchorman” writes an anonymous letter to his network news bosses: Dear XXXX, I’m writing for some clarification about how we are supposed to cover the Gaza flotilla story. If we, as a news organization, are supposed to be acting as a public relations arm of Hamas, or Hezbollah, both internationally recognized terrorist organizations, or if […]

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Where All the Hypatias Were Called Hypatia

Wheat & Weeds – Agony of Agora I was kind of excited about this movie, because last year, a few weeks before I saw the first trailer for this movie, I’d read Umberto Eco’s Baudolino, and Hypatia features rather, erm, heavily, in parts. But, oh well! Won’t be seeing this one, as it’s a prolonged […]

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The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships

…to somewhere (Germany? Poland? Perhaps she wishes it were so?), Roger Friedman (formerly of FoxNews.com) gets an interview with Rabbi David Nesenoff, who got that video out of Our Helen: Rabbi David Nesenoff is a journalist and filmmaker from Long Island who has his advanced degree from the Jewish Theological Seminar. He went to the […]

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We’ve Started Watching Niall Ferguson’s

The Ascent of Money: The Financial History of the World. This show is such a good idea. This is the guy who’s run away with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, btw. And, hey, could you blame her?

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I’m a Foreigner! Why Not ME?!

Telegraph – More than 50pc of large London properties bought by foreigners More than a half of large London properties are being bought by foreigners for the first time, according to data from a leading estate agent.

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Hitch Profiled

National Post – Christopher Hitchens: An Orwell for our time The mark of Hitchens’ courage is a willingness to take his convictions wherever they carry him. Most popular pundits are tribal in their outlook. They will drench the page with their tears if Americans or Israelis perpetrate some real or imagined outrage in Gaza, Iraq […]

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Rush Limbaugh’s Selling His New York Penthouse

It can be yours yours yours for a mere $12,950,000! PRE-WAR PENTHOUSE CONDOMINIUM with Fifth Avenue address. This full floor pristine 10-room residence features expansive Central Park and Reservoir views, four terraces; two of which face the park. This is a grand and gracious apartment with direct elevator entry to the central foyer. The expansive […]

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Peter Recommends CXXIV

Rat Staring Contest With Background Music

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