…to somewhere (Germany? Poland? Perhaps she wishes it were so?), Roger Friedman (formerly of FoxNews.com) gets an interview with Rabbi David Nesenoff, who got that video out of Our Helen:

Rabbi David Nesenoff is a journalist and filmmaker from Long Island who has his advanced degree from the Jewish Theological Seminar. He went to the White House on May 27th with his 17 year old son and the son’s 18 year old friend on a press pass. Both boys as well as the Rabbi wore yarmulkes and tsi-zit. They were obviously religious Jews.

And that’s what shocked Nesenoff when Helen Thomas told him — as he filmed her on his Flip camera– the Jews should “get the hell out” of Israel and go “home” to Poland or Germany–places they’d been tortured and killed in, and escaped from during the Holocaust.

“There’s anti-Semitism in the world,” Nesenoff told me. “And it’s sitting a foot from the president.”


I cannot believe this woman is still working.