Notice: Shopping for houses sucks and I recommend no one try it. Instead, cyanide and great aunties. Trust me it’ll go smoother.

In other news, this made me pull a face and nod a lot:

Wheat & Weeds – Lament For The Sense Of Humor

Guy writes a funny piece about how soccer is ruining America. Clearly he doesn’t really think so, since he’s mostly kvetching about how much time he spends watching his kids’ games; if he really thought liberty turned on crushing the game, he wouldn’t be raising a new generation of players.

Does that stop loads of people writing earnest rebuttals, and even casting aspersions upon the man’s parenting skills?

No, it does not.

Peter and I were talking about the new London Times paywall and how actually he thinks it’s great and bully for Rupert for trying it. And I said that it would be interesting if, if everyone there has paid to be there, then they have one’s real name, which means if one leaves comments one’s leaving them, perhaps, under one’s real name. Because as it is now, it completely ruins a good article to be just finished reading it and then accidentally lay eyes on some idiot’s comment…

So Peter said that Engadget does something brilliant. They have comments turned off by default, so you never have to see them. But there’s still a space for those crazies, if they want it.