We’ve been talking to these dudes, right, for redoing the house we just bought (kitchen, bathrooms, all unfortunately but lovingly done in the 90s). And the topic has come up of lead paint. One guy, a nice guy, quick to laugh, just became very quietly angry, tried to shrug it off, then said it was “stupid.” The other guy, very funny, very smooth, everything’s can-do, always has something to say about anything, just became very very quiet and bit out that “that lead paint, man, it’ll be my nemesis.”

The story appears to be this: Guy #1 said, cryptically, that there are new government regulations covering the handling of paint taken out of homes that date to before the lead paint ban. Paint has to be swept up, the swiffers or cleanup cloths photographed, then used, placed in clear plastic ziplocks, photographed again, then everything put in special orange plastic garbage bags, then thrown in the dump with the asbestos for the tractors to drive over anyway.

I wonder if it’s a bit like the dude builder’s version of that stupid lead testing in independent charity toy stores that went around last year.