I’m not in a particularly good mood today and the weather (hot, muggy, stagnant) isn’t helping. Neither is this:

[Charles Krauthammer] On Robert Gibbs refusing to comment on the planned mosque at Ground Zero because it’s a “local” issue:

It’s no more a local issue than 9/11 was a local New York event. That’s a dodge and it’s disgraceful.

Now look, nobody in America would object to the construction of an Islamic center — however the question is: Why here? Why in this spot? This is a spot that was for hours bathed in the ashes of the Twin Towers and the thousands of innocents who died in it.

It’s not just any other spot. It’s sacred ground.

[This is] not to indict Islam. It’s not to indict the vast majority of Muslims who were appalled by this event.

But let me give you — in 1993, Pope John Paul II ordered the Carmelite nuns who established a convent in Auschwitz to evacuate and to leave it. And the reason is not because the Carmelites had any involvement in, of course, Auschwitz — the Catholic Church was not the perpetrator — but because it was sacred ground and [the convent] was inappropriate. It was seen as a provocation and extremely insensitive.

In this case – in the case of the Carmelites it was an act of goodwill. They prayed for the souls of those who died. I’m not sure of the goodwill of this imam [Feisal Abdul Rauf] who [when] asked if Hamas is a terrorist organization answered: I’m not a politician, it’s a difficult issue.

As has sitting through friends and coworkers’ endless exultory tweets and Facebook postings about Prop 8 being overturned (I’m waiting for someone to ask Obama’s black voters how they feel being robbed of their vote like this, but never mind):

Wheat & Weeds – Prop Infinity

A gay judge overturned Prop 8 as expected. William Duncan summarizes the opinion as the belief that since the beginning of time, across all cultures and religions,

the world’s cultures all consulted about how to put down gay people and came up with marriage as the solution. …

Update: Mr. W. w/ and excellent comment.

OK, gender is no longer essential, but does this judge at any point tell us what IS essential for marriage? That’s a serious question, because I believe there can be no answer at all if “gender” is not essential.

Our judge-philosopher who must know an “essential” in order to make such a ruling, has not expanded marriage, he has abolished it. I defy anyone to give me anything that is “essential” to marriage now, i.e., just say what it really is. I say it can’t be done.

Only love, man. Until that runs out, then you get a divorce. And while you’re married you can still have an open relationship. Cuz who are any of us to tell any one else what the perfect marriage looks like, right?

God it’s wearying, being around people like that all the time.

What else has been going on… Oh lord, who knows. It’s August. Nothing and everything, all at once. Here’s something… interesting:

MSNBC – Mexico Baby declared dead revives inside coffin

MEXICO CITY — Authorities in Mexico say a newborn baby girl declared dead by doctors revived inside her coffin during her wake.

Hidalgo state Attorney General Jose Rodriguez says the parents heard a strange noise coming from the tiny casket. Opening it up, they found her crying and very much alive.

Rodriguez told state public radio Thursday that the doctor who pronounced the girl dead at a hospital in the town of Tulancingo is being investigated for possible negligence.