So, it’s quick links time!

Telegraph Blogs – Daniel Hannan: The Internet is dragging Britain away from Europe and towards the Anglosphere

Brett McS sent me this one within moments of me reading an excerpt from it in The Corner. It’s an interesting and perhaps obvious point, though I think perhaps a little optimistic. And I’m not inclined towards optimism these years.

The EU is being made redundant by technological change. In the 1950s, a regional trade association arguably made sense. But in a world where capital surges around the globe at the touch of a button, physical proximity becomes irrelevant. When deciding whether to invest in a country, corporations will consider many factors – tax rates, regulation, language, corruptibility of public officials – before they worry about geography.

The Internet makes it as easy for my constituents to do business with a company in New Zealand as with a company in Belgium. Easier, indeed, because the Kiwi company shares our common law, accountancy practices, commercial traditions and language.


NYT – Venezuela, More Deadly Than Iraq, Wonders Why

This one is curtsies to RC2 (“Behold The Bolivarian Revolution!“). I thought this line was funny:

Police salaries remain low, sapping motivation. And in a country with the highest inflation rate in the hemisphere, more than 30 percent a year, some officers have turned to supplementing their incomes with crimes like kidnappings.

I think perhaps the propensity towards kidnappings might be doing more for the murder rate than police salaries. Just going out on a limb, there. I don’t think, just doing some back-of-the-napkin rounding, that were police salaries to fall 30% in, say, Seattle, or Redmond, or Davenport, Iowa, that the police would immediately turn to kidnapping to pay their family’s cable bills.


American Digest – War Costs and Deficits: Going Viral

I do love me some infographics!

And lastly:

The Times – An audience with V.S. Naipaul, by Sathnam Sanghera

There’s quite a bit of talk about cats in there.