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Ah Hah, Mark Steyn’s Written a Book

I thought, when he disappeared last summer after his Kangaroo Kourt proceedings were at an end that he’d be back in the fall with a new book on the subject, but it’s this year that he’s come back with a new book on the subject: Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech And The Twilight Of The […]

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I Wanna Retweet This SO BAD

From @wheatweeds: Dang. Now we have to let him put it in Manhattan. http://americandigest.org/Bomb%20Mot.jpg If I RT that, heads would explode. Which would be great, but I’m chickening out anyway.

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Die, Boomer Laity, Die!

Oh man, curtsies to RC2′s Google Reader for this one (I’m a couple days behind): The myth, cherished by Generation Narcissus, that Jesus made precious, precious Us—the Baby Boomers, source and summit of all goodness, and final peak toward which all human history has been straining—-into the rightful teachers of the Church and that the […]

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I Wish Mr Rurik All the Luck In the World

Telegraph – Ivan the Terrible descendants launch court case to get Kremlin back The Russian state has been given a month by a court to prove it owns the Kremlin after descendants of Ivan the Terrible filed a lawsuit to stake their claim to the Moscow landmark. So good. The problem for the state is […]

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File Under Stuff That Would Be Complete Gibberish Ten Years Ago And Is Still Kinda Just Weird

Telegraph – North Korea joins Facebook North Korea appears to have joined the social networking site Facebook after its Twitter account was blocked by South Korea under the country’s security laws. :\

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Australia Had a What Now?

Um, I knew I’ve been busy and sick and readying a new house and planning a kitchen remodel and a few other things besides, but did I really miss a whole election? Wot, no aussie election coverage? Well, OK, we’re not that important. But, very good result! Tony Abbott (my fav) looks like being the […]

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It Makes Augustus Look Like a Doofus

io9 – Ultraviolet light reveals how ancient Greek statues really looked (That’s a Roman statue there, says the girl who took two years of art history classes.) Curtsy: RC2.

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Trains! Across the WORLD! Edition

The Times (£) – From Beijing to London in 48hrs? Now that’s a great rail journey High-speed technology and investment is about to make railways competitive again. Bargain airlines may have made previously forgotten cities accessible but security and congested skies have added hours to the journey. Trains can offer greater comfort, more space and […]

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Peter Recommends CXXV

“I love the internet sometimes”: Auto-Tune the News Hits the Billboard Top 100 Watch the videos. The first half of the first one if you haven’t seen it already, then the second one, then go find a dsl line and hug it.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXLVII

I think I’d intended this for yesterday, but it’s a good thing I forgot because lord, there is nothing going on. But this was quite hilarious: If you’ve ever traveled by budget airline, and I’m an American so I never have, you’ll really appreciate it.

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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

We’ve been watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It’s a good movie, generally. I’ll make no comment on the bohemian morality here. But the pacing and music and light is lovely (and apparently Woody Allen is good for a baby’s frayed nerves, too). It’s funny though. Everyone in the film is idle. The Americans because they’re rich, […]

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Tony Blair’s Lying, War-Mongering, Money-Grubbing GUILTY CONSCIENCE

The Times – Is giving away £5m a reason for such hatred? By David Aaronovitch Tony Blair announced he’d give the proceeds from sales of his new autobiography to a veterans charity (a quarter of his net worth, apparently), and this sparked a most incredible reaction. Yesterday a letter was published in the Guardian (natch) […]

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What the Heck Happened To California

I suppose this is just a consequence of the huge population in that state, but good lord, it blows New York away: It’s like end times over there. From The Corner: Job Creation in the States

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Saving Teenagers, Walking Visas

This is very good: The Times – The British girls disappearing into forced marriages, by Lucy Bannerman “I was told I was staying here for ever,” she says [Tania (pseudonym), 16]. “For ever” often used to mean until 18 – the minimum age at which a Briton could sponsor a spouse’s entry to the UK. […]

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Lead Paint

Those new lead paint laws meant that the cost of painting our house has gone up by $2,000. Which is, worst-case scenario (original quoted price; might have been less), increasing the cost by a third. Which means most people simply won’t bother repainting until the paint chips off and gets eaten by local children. Because, […]

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