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A Times editorial on the anti-semitic terrorist German left (ahem) of the 1970s, and the lessons that can be applied towards today’s enemies of the democratic state: The Times – Hitler’s Children Germany’s anti-terrorist campaign of the 1970s has much to teach modern politics There is division in British politics today over anti-terrorist legislation. That […]

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Thank You, Mister President

NRO – Child-Only Left Behind How Obamacare destroyed the child-only health-insurance market. Because parents can buy child-only insurance at the last minute, child-only policies will be purchased disproportionately by already-sick clients. The disproportionately sick clientele will be expensive to care for, which will force insurers to raise premiums. The high premiums will give the healthy […]

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I Always Knew Victoria’s Secret Had a Skanky, Bug-Ridden Quality To It

But this is disgusting: Until it was banned in 1972, the pesticide DDT helped keep bedbugs in check. Increased international travel and other modern phenomena have contributed to a resurgence of the apple-seed-size insects, which feed on human blood. Outbreaks have hit several U.S. cities. In New York, stores including Niketown and Victoria’s Secret have […]

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Sakineh’s Son Writes to 27 European States

I don’t think Ruthie Gledhill will mind if I repost this letter in full: Articles of Faith Blog – Sakineh’s son writes: ‘My mother is innocent and has spent five years languishing in cold, black pit.’ From Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani To 27 European Countries: Greetings to all officials in European countries, […]

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How We’ve Been Spending Our Time

Peter’s official unemployment began today! It’s wonderful. I sat working this morning with my coffee near an open window, so he kept getting up and microwaving it for me. For the next few weeks, I have a hausfrau! Anyway, the news is still crushingly slow, so here, in video form, is what I’ve been up […]

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Isn’t it election season? Aren’t there some international conflagrations to be commented upon? Why is the news so slow? Maybe it’s a sign the Dems are losing. Or maybe there’s just not a lot going on. At least my Tumble Blog is full!

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Liz Taylor Is Awesome

And a total babe. Elizabeth Taylor on What’s My Line? You know, if TV studios are looking for a cheap, non-scripted prime-time alternative to the usual fetid swamp of repurposed late-night talk show hosts and the inevitable reality lineups, you’d think this would be an easy solution. But then the panel would be made up […]

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Art Installation as Provocative, Political

Compare Ai Weiwei (designer of the Birds Nest stadium in Beijing) to, I dunno (Wikies at random), this glorified theme park for pretentious adults: The Times – Ai Weiwei: the artist risking his safety for art, by Janice Turner Ai has always been a cussed, provocative figure. He took a series of photographs, Study in […]

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Dear God, They Found the Highland Coo of the Late Cretaceous

Pictures and wiki of two new dinosaurs. Also, what is UP with the goofy naming conventions these days. Where is the magic for the little children everywhere?!

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Oh, There’s Beating Etiquette!

The Corner – Annals of Sharia: ‘Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings’ There’s a great comedy opportunity here. I see The Simpsons maybe, or one of the sitcoms, running a line where a pretty Muslim lady in a hijab and bruises keeps showing up and saying dryly “It’s just that my husband […]

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Welfare: Recreating the African Savannah on British Council Estates Since 1948

Hehehe: Telegraph Blogs – Ed West: The man with 15 kids by 14 women. The welfare state has turned back the clock – to one million BC

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Dogs! And Ikea! And a Music Video!

OK Go put out another music video… So cool. Up it to 720 and watch it in full screen. And watch their faces. Lawdy they’re focusing hard.

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Somebody’s Still Bitter About That Stupid James Cameron Movie

And not just RC2… Telegraph – Titanic drama will show that the English were not all villains Heh. “Far be it for me to buck a Hollywood tradition, but I think that those generalisations are not as interesting as real life,” says Julian Fellowes, who has been commissioned to write the series. Oooh, snap!

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Oxford University Secures Decades of New Funding

Telegraph – Oxford University to open school of government

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLI

This is actually from over a week ago, but I never got around to it before: Telegraph Blogs – Ed West: Introducing the Islington English Dictionary and Liberal Phrasebook The best ones: Anti-racism campaigner – Hamas supporter or other terrorist spokesman who’s so extreme he’s even banned from Saudi Arabia. and… Developing world – Parts […]

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