The Times – Ashtiani campaign wins big friends amid fears of imminent execution

He said that his mother had also received 99 lashes last week as punishment for the mistaken publication by The Times of a picture that was said to be her. A judge ordered the whipping for the offence of spreading indecency because the woman in the picture was not wearing the chador, the traditional head and body covering.

Wow. That must kinda suck for the photo editor who placed it. Worse for the actual woman who got flogged, naturally, but still.

Apparently everyone’s expecting it to happen when Ramadan ends Friday. Because when most religions come out of periods of serious solemn times of prayer and fasting followed by celebration, they all like to put random women to death on trumped up charges in the most brutal and inhumane way imaginable. Why, just last year we burnt a witch at the stake at Easter.