And a total babe.

Elizabeth Taylor on What’s My Line?

You know, if TV studios are looking for a cheap, non-scripted prime-time alternative to the usual fetid swamp of repurposed late-night talk show hosts and the inevitable reality lineups, you’d think this would be an easy solution. But then the panel would be made up of people acting like rude morons on purpose and the “da-da-da-da-DUN” music would ruin everything.

*insert long screed on TV today, gab-nabbit*

If you’re wondering why the sudden influx of videos, it’s because Baby lurves typing, and she lurves sitting on my lap watching a little video. So I reserve all the videos to watch when she needs entertaining, but if I try to do anything but showing her fun videos (or Chris Christie speeches, as the case may be) she gets mad at me for not letting her type and I have to do something else. So my blogging hours end up quite heavily weighted towards kittens, puppies, and New Jersey politics. As you do.