I had a few minutes free in the course of my sniffling and ooging and cooking dinner and … my server was out! Presumably it was doing something useful, like getting itself updated, but honestly, who knows.

Meanwhile, the time for my attention span has passed. So here, have a video:

Via The Corner, who transcribes it thus:

“…I would hope we emancipate ourselves from the superstition that that which is legal is necessarily honorable. My old friend Mr. [Jesse] Jackson seems to suggest that its perfectly legal to contract syphilis, but it doesn’t mean that society is in favor of syphilis. As a matter of fact, it’s perfectly legal to vote for Jesse Jackson. That doesn’t make it reputable, does it?”

Although I would have thought the word he’s using is “supposition.” But far be it from me to argue over Bill Buckley’s vocabulary with a Cornerite.