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Somebody’s Still Bitter About That Stupid James Cameron Movie

And not just RC2… Telegraph – Titanic drama will show that the English were not all villains Heh. “Far be it for me to buck a Hollywood tradition, but I think that those generalisations are not as interesting as real life,” says Julian Fellowes, who has been commissioned to write the series. Oooh, snap!

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Oxford University Secures Decades of New Funding

Telegraph – Oxford University to open school of government

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLI

This is actually from over a week ago, but I never got around to it before: Telegraph Blogs – Ed West: Introducing the Islington English Dictionary and Liberal Phrasebook The best ones: Anti-racism campaigner – Hamas supporter or other terrorist spokesman who’s so extreme he’s even banned from Saudi Arabia. and… Developing world – Parts […]

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Film Test

Kodak 1922 Kodachrome Film Test Background here: Kodak Blog – Color Motion Pictures – The Earliest Days: 1922

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Religious People Go To England

RC2′s been bloggin’ the pope’s visit to the UK: On the visit to Westminster and his lovelorn druid girlfriend On the protesters On the lovely address to children And on the (apparent) end of the Reformation Meanwhile, we have this, on the usual levels of fomentation preceding the trip: The Times – I have no […]

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I <3 Rachel Weisz

Ever since The Mummy. I’ve always thought she was just lovely. Showbiz 411 – Rachel Weisz Thriller So Intense One Woman At Premiere Faints By the time I finished watching Rachel Weisz in her new thriller, “The Whistleblower,” I wanted all my money back from those UNICEF cartons. This exciting film debuted at Toronto on […]

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Wheat & Weeds reels me in. Also: The Queen welcomes him at Holyrood (doesn’t the weather look lovely?!):

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My Google Reader

Is full of news about Delaware. Which I find hilarious. Update: Now I’m finished everything in my Read First folder (I’m ignoring the 1000+ in the other folders and considering myself Done For the Day) and that’s about all I have to say on the day’s events. Zzzz

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*Bows, Preens, Takes Full Credit*

Benedict’s Tartan Silly English.

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The President visits Ground Zero, on this day in ancient history, September 14, 2001. Statements from primary sources and video at the link.

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The 1920s

The other day I was musing that when I’d really like to live would be ‘tween the Wars, England. It was stylish, modern, doctors used soap, their was an air of excitement and social change in the air, women could smoke, men still wore hats, the stately homes all had lovely gardens and hadn’t yet […]

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Cats! Ikea! Cats!

I admit, I cried a little. I mean damn that’s a nice Ikea.

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A Beautiful Day In September

The skies weren’t quite as solidly blue today (but great swathes of it were), and it may not be a Tuesday and I may have written it three years ago, but I stand by this, for today. I’d also like to point everyone to this Onion article from September 26, 2001 which I tweeted earlier […]

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Winston! In Colour!

CDR Salamander – Fullbore Friday 70 years ago – The Blitz. An entire nation, Fullbore. Video, in colour! of Britain at war, including rare colour footage of Winston Churchill! at the link. 43,000 people died in the Blitz. And it’s been 70 years. Curtsy to HalfEmpty for the heads up. At the rate I’ve been […]

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As Someone Who Spent Large Portions Of Last Year On Some Very Lovely Drugs

I find this pretty effed up.

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