Telegraph – ‘People should smoke and drink more’, says Russian finance minister

Speaking as the Russian government announces plan to raise duty on alcohol and cigarettes, Alexei Kudrin said that by smoking a pack, “you are giving more to help solve social problems such as boosting demographics, developing other social services and upholding birth rates”.

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Just smoke cigarettes. No brand advertized whatsoever. This was because in the Soviet times all the factories were controlled by the ministries, which were specifying the amount of goods to produce.

In those days it was the planned economy. But hey, either way, you get a cigarette! Of course if they can tell you to smoke, they can tell you to do anything. Like play the lottery. Or buy a car powered by a battery made of environment-destroying, sulfur dioxide-spewing, around-the-world-hauling nickel mining. Who’s to say with hindsight which of these is worse? *gimlet eye*

In any event, at least the Russians are being honest.