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It’s a sign of my emotional state these days that I’ve spent a lot of time catching up on Cheryl Cole’s pop video oeuvre. Apparently they’re importing her to judge an American X-Factor. I view this as a Bad Thing: Obviously they’ll make her drop her accent and her accent is the most incredible thing […]

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HOLY THANKING GOD, BATMAN. *hugs her laptop*

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Relocatin’, Day IV

We’re literally on the fruit company’s door step (well not literally but across the freeway). My laptop is plugged in (woo, chargers!) but as yet unopened. Meanwhile, (RC2 seems to have overcome her conference fever and has been making me laugh. And no, the iPad 3G is like 30 bucks a month, which is a […]

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Relocatin’, Day III

It’s a sign of how bad the WordPress iPhone app is that I can’t be bothered to even open it for two days, and in fact don’t even think of it, whereas I can happily tweet away for days. It’s because they want to give you control over everything you would in the main blog […]

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Today’s Feminist Outrage du Jour

(Redundant, ain’t I?) The Sunday Times – India Knight: Kids, putting the man first makes a family Where else is he supposed to go on the list? Kids first, work second, husband third — how does that work in terms of a happy ending? Kirstie Allsopp, the presenter of Location, Location, Location, has got into […]

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Condi’s Memoirs, Volume One

An excerpt from the beginnings of her book tour (the whole thing is an excellent interview, for those who want to pay their £): The Times – Condoleezza Rice: My life, by Janice Turner In any case, far from being stymied by racism, her education and drive were propelling her on at immense velocity. She […]

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On House Signs, Dino, and Depressed Democrats

Everyone knows who Dino Rossi is, right? Ran for governor 6 years ago, won 2 counts, lost the third (that’s won 2 of 3) so lost the whole thing (in ever decreasing margins; just enough to be covered by ever increasing numbers of Seattle homeless political enthusiasts), then ran again 2 years ago and lost […]

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Chilean Miners: Fame and Wine; The Frivolous West Reacts

Today I went on a farewell trek downtown, said goodbye to my office (I don’t leave my job, just my building), had dinner with some of Peter’s former coworkers… Another busy day. So, for blog post, I give you, the current events à la Celebrity Watch (ie Caitlin Moran): 1 UP The Chilean miners On […]

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I’m So Conflicted

On the one hand, I can vote for Meg Whitman for Governor of California, against the zombie-like Jerry Brown; I can vote for anyone but Gavin Newsom for Lt Governor; I can vote for Carly Fiorina for Senate against Barbara Boxer. These are all nationally recognized figures in our country. Or I can vote for […]

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What Can Brown Do For You?

Oh man: Wheat & Weeds has several amazing miner morsels: The wonderful story of the rescue of the Chilean miners has an American twist: their rescue was engineered primarily by an American named Jeff Hart, who’s made himself into the world’s foremost drill expert. Jeff Hart was drilling water wells for the U.S. Army’s forward […]

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TB In the Digital Age

Not quite as dire as perhaps it once was: This is Christiaan Van Vuuren, who spent about 6 months in quarantine in Sydney for tuberculosis. So, it’s quite funny, gee doesn’t it suck to be him, except… Look at him! He’s quite fit! he’s good looking! He can exercise and apparently breathe normally! Nobody would […]

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Marriage != Achievement

Guardian – Michelle Obama is not the most powerful woman in the world Forbes’s list of 100 powerful women seems to confuse marriage with achievement Sigh: But Michelle Obama as number one – sorry? Apparently, she beats every chairwoman of the board, political leader and high-rolling one-woman entertainment conglomerate on the planet for her role […]

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Kabul In the 1950s

“Biology class, Kabul University.” More pictures, and a sweet statement of purpose, at the link.

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Dear John, From Hal

Something James Delingpole found for his Telegraph blog, and reprinted in its entirety (as am I (can’t stop the signal!)): Dear Curt: [as Dear John letters go, "Dear Curt" is a really good one] When I first joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years ago it was much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted […]

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In the Independent

Independent Blogs – Yet more reasons why the Iraq war was right, by John Rentoul (Chief political commentator for their Sunday paper? Seriously?) Read the whole thing. Don’t read the comments.

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