It’s a sign of how bad the WordPress iPhone app is that I can’t be bothered to even open it for two days, and in fact don’t even think of it, whereas I can happily tweet away for days.

It’s because they want to give you control over everything you would in the main blog site: categories, tags, titles, etc. But it turns into a load of fiddly hassle. I think they need to set up something in the main blog settings where you preselect a title which is automatically generated (I, II, III, etc), tags, category, etc, and the rest of it is the actual update which is as much as what Tweetie gives you: Text and maybe an attachment. That I would actually use.

In other news, we’ve reached Medford, OR. Yesterday we sent all our stuff away with the moving company, packed the Jetta Wagen, and moved downtown to spend the night at the Fairmont, one of the swishier places downtown. The valet guy patiently waiting for us to get the diapers out from behind the potted plants was quite sweet.

So today we left Seattle at last and made it as far as the bottom bit of Oregon. Tomorrow: California and the Silicon Valley! Where I’ll have proper internet again at last.

The hotel here (a Suites by Hilton, nice little kitchen, separate sitting room, nice bathroom, 2 tvs should one need them; not much more than the crappy motel we’d usually be staying at) served a fajita and salad bar, with beer and wine! in the lobby for dinner. Basically a continental breakfast, but dinner.

Now, if a hotel got into the business of serving a continental breakfast FOR dinner, that could be a serious money-maker.