Some of you may remember a few weeks ago my TOTAL FREAKOUT on Twitter when Janice Dickinson posted pictures of the ducklings and chicks that hatched from the eggs her son incubated. Eggs from Sainsbury’s. Organic eggs, out of a refrigerator, intended for cracking into a frying pan. BEGAT LIFE.

Well she’s written about the experience, and towards the end:

The Times – ‘Chicks hatched from our supermarket eggs’

When I rang Sainsbury HQ, there was an uneasy silence from the press officer, as if he was trying to calculate all the dire corporate consequences. Would it kill demand for duck eggs? An animal rights protest? Could it lead to a CSA-style claim for poultry maintenance?

In the end, Sainsbury released a statement: “All of our duck eggs are free-range, meaning a small proportion of those that make it to the shelf might have been fertilised. This has no discernible effect on taste and will go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

“In order for a fertilised egg to hatch, the egg needs to be incubated at a temperature of 38 degrees for 28 days. As such, customers need not worry about finding half a dozen ducklings looking out at them next time they open the fridge.”