(Redundant, ain’t I?)

The Sunday Times – India Knight: Kids, putting the man first makes a family
Where else is he supposed to go on the list? Kids first, work second, husband third — how does that work in terms of a happy ending?

Kirstie Allsopp, the presenter of Location, Location, Location, has got into hot water for saying that her boyfriend comes first and their children second.

“I might be in charge when I’m at work, but at home he is the boss,” she told an interviewer. …

Anyway: predictable howls of outrage at the “he is the boss” line. To judge by the commentary, you’d think Allsopp was some kind of creepy “surrendered wife”, this being a movement started by an American writer called Laura Doyle that basically advocates fragrant doormat-hood. Having met Allsopp on a number of occasions, I can tell you there isn’t an ounce of doormattishness in her and that she wasn’t paying homage to doormattishness when she said: “I constantly foster the idea among [our] sons that he’s brilliant and strong and infallible, which I think is hugely important. I would never disagree with Ben in front of the children and I cringe when I see women belittling their husbands in public; it’s demeaning and does the children no good.”