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Mrs Gaskell Rides Again!

RC2 is watching North & South! *swoons just thinkin’ about it* Once upon a time, in the early days of this blog, during a very bad head cold, Rueful Red and I had a rather stimulating correspondence about the source material for that. A good book, but flawed (it was serialized, see, and also suffers […]

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Terrorism and the TSA

Read the whole thing: Wil Shipley – Q&A with TSA Chairman John Pistole Attention grabber: Which brings me to this question: If you hired a security guard to watch your house, and 10 years later your neighbors said, “Hey, several times now dudes have tried to steal your shit, but we came over and stopped […]

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About That Little Computer Worm…

What the what is going on in Iran: The Corner – Daniel Foster: Curiouser and Curiouser in Iran How do you stop Iran’s nuclear program when diplomacy has failed and the use conventional military force is, at the moment, unworkable? Sometimes you have to get creative. Enter Stuxnet — the little computer worm that has […]

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GWOT and the Breastfeeding Threat at Home

TSA Breast Milk Screening Harassment Okay, first of all, who puts breast milk through the x-ray machine? They always have those little laser scanners for baby stuff. Apple juice, water, empty sippy cups, all that jazz. What on earth point is there in x-raying a plastic storage baggie of milk? It’s a baggy. You swish […]

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Tone v Hitch: Ouch

Here are the videos, in full: Munk Debates: Tony Blair vs Christopher Hitchens And here is the transcript, in full (£): ‘Religion is a force for good.’ ‘Oh no it’s not!’ Tony Blair versus Christopher Hitchens And here is a recap (£), worryingly titled: Dying author gives Blair a taste of hell A neat (and […]

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This Plays Like the Inspiration Slideshow Before the Keynote at a Marketing Convention in Des Moines

Only a marketing department would think this is a good idea: Poor Fiat. Peter calls it Olive Gardened. He also thinks it runs a bit like the beginning of a Cialis ad, and if it were shorter, what with the non sequitur stock footage, it totally could be. I still want the damned car tho.

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Alan Coren

I’ve already linked to this on Twitter but because I know there are a few Alan Coren fans in the audience, I thought this was just so beautiful (*wells up again*): Daily Mail – Giles Coren: ‘Oh my God, I’m turning into my father’

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Blair vs Hitch Resolving For Religion

National Post – Holy Post (heh): The role of religion: Hitchens to face Blair in Munk debates …Friday’s sold-out Munk Debate in Toronto between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and renowned atheist and journalist Christopher Hitchens. The motion is: “Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world.” In this post-9/11 […]

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Wang Yuja, Age 10

Toccata Poulenc She’s playing a Bösendorfer, the same piano Tori Amos plays.

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Oh, Hell

I was going to sneak away today (in between grocery stores) to buy some shoes. AND I FORGOT. And you know what tomorrow is? Thanksgiving. And you know what the day after that is? MADNESS. And you know what the weekend will be like? STUPIDITY. And you know what Monday means? THE DAMNED THINGS WILL […]

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Cajun Catblogging

Cat vs Alligator Cuz cats are awesome! I like how at the end both parties return with reinforcements. Heh. Curtsy: Brett McS.

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Report What the Family Wear to the Wedding AFTER They’ve Worn It

Even I’m getting fed up with the wedding news. I was willing to make allowances in those first, heady 48 hours or so, when one assumes story editors were too buzzed with momentum, lack of sleep, the pressures of their bosses, the competition of the other newspaper and, one can only assume, cocaine, to form […]

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Secret Kitten is revealed AUGH

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Thoughts On a Royal Engagement

(I have to weigh in, really, don’t I?) I find it rather gauche the way every slideshow of the engaged couple suddenly comes screeching with a clang to photos of Princess Diana in her 20s. Must everything be an excuse to run file photos of that poor woman in her evening gowns? I felt very […]

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Peter Recommends CXXVII

Quothe Peter: “FFS.” TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint He also found this article with accompanying slideshow of a few of 35,000 images from one of those x-ray scanners that, err, can’t save images. And the images that they can’t save are discarded immediately. Which is why Gizmodo unearthed all 35,000 […]

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